Deep Into the Game (Book 1) (S. W. Tanpepper's GAMELAND)

Deep Into the Game (Book 1) (S. W. Tanpepper's GAMELAND)

Saul Tanpepper

Language: English

Pages: 132


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


A group of young tech-savvy hackers breaks into Long Island's Gameland, a formerly militarized wasteland that was, for years, abandoned to the Infected Undead before being reclaimed by a government-sponsored company interested in merging virtual reality and survival gaming into a single seamless entertainment package. But while breaking into The Game turns out to be a lot easier than they could ever have imagined, breaking out is one hell of a killer.

EPISODE 1: Deep Into The Game

Jessie and her gang of game jackers discover a way to break into Gameland, but it requires the assistance of outsider Jake Espinosa. His inclusion raises tensions within the group, particularly between Jessie and her boyfriend, Kelly. After a nearly-fatal accident during preparation, emotions run dangerously high, but it only makes them all the more determined to succeed. What they don't know is that one of them has a secret reason for going, and it doesn't involve any of them returning any time soon.

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‡ Chapter 6 I wasn’t worried about Kelly getting some nasty bacterial infection. I was worried about him coming down with something worse. Ash’s grandmother, Junie, used to joke about how, when she was my age, having unprotected sex could kill you. She passed away last year, quite unexpectedly. She could remember a time before the implants, before zombies. Back when diseases like AIDS and diabetes and cancer worried people. She’d laugh her bitter laugh because she knew things are a

“Implant, shmimplant.” “There’s no way,” Kelly insisted. “I’m telling you, it’s impossible.” “Maybe there is a way,” Micah said, still playing. He was one of those freaky types who could give a hundred percent of his attention to something like Zpocalypto or Warlock Four and yet still be fully involved in a conversation, even while being stoned off his gourd. I could never understand how he did it. The guy was more than just scary smart. It was like he could partition his brain into distinct

mattered what we wanted or didn’t want. Arc Entertainment had this all planned from the very beginning. They wanted us in The Game. That’s why it was so easy for us to break in. And why getting out has been such a killer. I slowly reach behind my back, to the cold metal of the gun tucked into my waistband. I’ve got one bullet left. Just one. I know it sounds cliché, but I’ve been saving it for just such a moment. My fingers wrap around the grip; they find the safety and flick it off. They

held my Link tight against me ear. “Jessie?” Grandpa said. “Dinnertime is family time, young lady. Disconnect, please.” “I’m sorry. This is important. I really have to take this.” I got up and slipped out of the kitchen. “Jessie!” Eric called. “It can’t be that important.” I heard Grandpa tell him to control himself, which, of course, led to another argument between them. I never understood the animosity the two shared for each other—frankly, I couldn’t care less—except for being aware that

easy. If one of us could come up with a solution like that so quickly, then surely others would have already done so as well. But then I realized why that wasn’t likely. Most normal people avoided lower Manhattan like the plague. And even if you had to go there, the closer you got to LI, the harder it was with all the checkpoints you had to cross. Besides, who in their right mind would seriously think about breaking in? No one was crazy enough to actually want to. They called them Forbidden

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