Decide: Better Ways of Making Better Decisions

Decide: Better Ways of Making Better Decisions

David Wethey

Language: English

Pages: 312

ISBN: 0749466294

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Life presents everyone with a steady stream of decisions that they have to make. So, like it or not, decision making is a skill that needs practice every day - at work, at home, and in every aspect of life. Yet, people often make decisions without properly considering the context, options and implications of their actions. Or worse still, they end up managing the consequences of avoiding taking difficult decisions.

Decide sets out a clear and easy to follow model that enables readers to make or contribute to effective decisions, proving that it does not have to be a long drawn out process, as long as they use a mixture of rational and lateral thinking.

Free from business jargon, and filled with relevant case studies, Decide is a useful book for everyone whose life revolves around successful decision making. Thought-provoking and practical, it helps readers make the right decisions, and choose from their options wisely, whether they have 60 days, 60 minutes or just 60 seconds.

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different as we have always thought. An opportunity is an unrealized opportunity until it has been fully grasped and exploited. A problem ceases to be a problem once the solution has been identified and implemented. There’s a clear learning from decision theory here. Skilled decision makers know that coming to a decision is an achievement – but only half the battle. For a decision to be effective it has to be executed. Just the same with identifying opportunities and defining solutions. Success

employed the most rigorous process. It has been a pleasure not a chore to read the experts. A great recommendation was the Russo and Schoemaker classic Decision Traps (1989). When I started to take decisions seriously, I read this book voraciously and realized that there is such a thing as decision science. People can be taught to become more expert. Maybe it is going too far to say there is a right way and a wrong way. But we can safely say there is a better way, and one that is less good.

Widely differing groups, like businessmen, football managers and politicians recognize the truth of this. In business, strategists and marketers frequently make assumptions about competitive action (or lack of it). But if the competition launch a new product or slash prices, there’s no point relentlessly sticking to a plan, when to change tack would be more advantageous. A starting line up at the 3pm kick-off may have looked the strongest available, but an injury to a key player or two early

record as Coach of the Oxford crew in the Boat Race. He led them to 12 wins out of the 15 races when he coached, including an unprecedented 10 wins in a row from 1976. He is also an author, broadcaster and traveller. Topolski made an unusual admission: I’m not a good decision maker on the whole. I tend to leave things quite a lot. I tend to mull around something for quite a while. But I do and can make very fast decisions if I have to. So, for instance, where we are here – in this house – I

If a decision has to be made, clarify the options in advance (your job to have overseen this essential preparation). • And use the meeting to help assess risks and rewards – maximum upside consistent with minimizing downside. • Decide in principle. • Agree how the decision is to be ratified: so that it becomes a mutual decision. • Fix another meeting to agree implementation. • Make sure you (or someone reliable) tells everyone who needs to know what they need to know. If the meeting is not

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