Death by Marriage (Caribbean Murder Series, Book 3)

Death by Marriage (Caribbean Murder Series, Book 3)

Jaden Skye

Language: English

Pages: 175


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

DEATH BY MARRIAGE is Book #3 in the Bestselling CARIBBEAN MURDER series, following DEATH BY HONEYMOON (#1) and DEATH BY DIVORCE (#2).

A well-known criminal lawyer is found dead in a back alley in St. Thomas, and Cindy and Mattheus are called in to investigate by the grieving widow. The local police have pinned her for the murder, and Cindy and Mattheus are her last hope in vindication.

As Cindy and Mattheus dig deeper into the victim’s past, they learn that all was not as rosy as it seemed. They discover mistresses, gambling debts, vendettas, and a number of people who had motivation to want him dead. Most shocking of all, as they dig even deeper, they discover a whole secret life that he lead, one so lurid that the people who knew him best can hardly even conceive it.

As a hurricane closes in and the police are insistent, despite all evidence, to arrest the widow, Cindy and Mattheus find themselves in a race against time to find the killer. When another body turns up, all involved realize the stakes may be even higher than they seem. And as Cindy and Mattheus develop feelings for each other, each grieving from the death of their own spouse, Cindy comes to realize there is even more at stake than she thinks.

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why Roomey was down here as well. “Help me out with this,” Mattheus said. “I’ve become like family to them now,” Roomey said softly. “Kendra’s beautiful, smart.” His face flushed as he spoke. Mattheus looked at him intently. . “Why are the police pouncing on Kendra?” Mattheus asked. “To avoid looking further,” Roomey said. “I’ve seen it happen over and over. Especially down here. It’s easy, next of kin - especially with a big insurance policy.” “Are they focusing on her to cover something

wasn’t. He went up to the front desk and asked them to ring her room. As he took the phone his palms felt a little sweaty. This new arrangement between them would take some getting used to. He’d spent the last three years on the police force, dealing with guys and set schedules. The phone rang in her room several times. No one picked up. Mattheus looked at the phone, disconcerted. “Happen to see Cindy Blaine this morning?” he asked the guy at the desk. “Who?” the guy didn’t recognize the name.

Roomey said he was at to give him a call and find out exactly when Roomey arrived, and how long he stayed. Roomey’s alibi checked out completely. Not only was he at the show, he got there early and stayed until it closed. Something he did every year, apparently. After it was over, he went out with a few people for a light dinner. He went with a group of old timers, who came to the show year after year. Some of the people at the dinner included Andrea from Salon B, a couple of guys who sponsored

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something simple, but it hurts like hell. I told it to the cops, but it didn’t make a dent on them. They laughed in my face.” “What is it?” said Cindy. “Paul stayed out of town a few nights every week. Said he was in St. Croix.[MSOffice1]  He had cases there, but he also he liked to gamble.  It was his one weak spot, if you can call it that. He told me he stayed in St. Croix for his work, but I often wondered if something else drew him.” “The gambling?” “I grew to wonder if he had a woman.”

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