Dead Man Rising

Dead Man Rising

Jack Hayes

Language: English

Pages: 213


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Meet Rook.

A former spy turned reporter, his life is planned like a game of chess.

Every move has an objective - and is played strategically, and with total focus.

But in the tranquil paradise of Hawaii, amid the palm trees and sunshine, he is about to play out the greatest game of his life. And the deadliest.

A fellow journalist - running the paper's Hawaii bureau - has disappeared.

No one knows why, or where?

Rook is determined to find out.

He was on the trail of one of the greatest scoops of all time - a story that brings together all the powers competing for control of the Pacific.

As he starts to dig, Rook soon finds he is on the run - from intelligence agencies, governments, police forces and from his own past.

He will need all his survival skills to outwit them.

Because a dead man can rise once. But not twice.

'Dead Man Rising' is an edge-of-the-seat thriller of espionage and power politics that will grip readers of Tom Clancy, Lee Child and Robert Ludlum.

'Explosive action,' - Tom Kasey, best-selling author of 'Trade-Off'.

'A masterful thriller.' - Robert Foster, best-selling author of 'The Lunar Code'.

Jack Hayes is an author and journalist living in London. His books include the best-selling 'Blood Red Sea'.

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the glare makes watching the crowded piazza looking for familiar faces, painful and difficult – are those people I saw earlier? What about her with the blue dress. Hold on, another blonde moustache… no this one’s different to the last one. I am still on hold. Is this a trap? That’s insane… I began this call. But still, they could be tracing it… maybe Adán was a set-up and they were expecting me to do this all along… no… but then they’re keeping me on hold a long time… is this another trace? My

the ability to get out of the way fast. The plates had already been exchanged with a bike from outside a Wal-Mart. It wouldn’t stand up to in-depth police scrutiny but would at least get me further than doing nothing. I pull out an Oakland A’s cap I’d found in that same supermarket and yank it tight, with the brim pulled low. It is getting dark but all the same, I want to keep as little of my face visible as possible. Even in a town like Honolulu, CCTV is becoming epidemic. Why, I’m not sure –

now bob gently in time with the long, oscillating waves. He is talking to someone out of sight in the galley. A sixth person on board the ship? I’m getting that uncomfortable feeling my suspicions are correct. If I’m right, I don’t fancy my odds if there’s a fire fight where I’m out numbered five to one. “Hey Monticelli! Want to show Rook who we brought along for him to meet?” The Frenchman emerges from the galley, a wry smile on his face. He brandishes a gun as he ducks through the door.

before?” “No.” “After a few days, you’ll wish you’d done it.” “Perhaps I did. The ash was mine,” Maddox said, pointing to his cigarette. Schaffer smiled. “Another joint Anglo-American operation, then?” he laughed. “Excellent! I can see this little party’s going to be a blast.” Maddox tossed the finished butt outside. The misshapen frame of the sash window grated as he closed it. The door slammed and everyone jumped to attention. Maddox watched as an unfamiliar figure strode towards the

maintained building. The body they found in the rubble, burned beyond any possible identification, belonged to my assassin, not me. I used his pager for two days afterwards to set up a false trail indicating his survival. Risky, yet necessary. So I find myself asking why I’m raising my profile once more in such an obvious way. A death wish? It’s more than that. Has it taken three years for the rage to build inside me to the point where I want revenge? Was the challenge laid at my feet by

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