Dark Water (Anderson & Costello, Book 3)

Dark Water (Anderson & Costello, Book 3)

Caro Ramsay

Language: English

Pages: 263

ISBN: 0718197534

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Anderson & Costello #3

Dark Water by Caro Ramsay is the third in the Anderson and Costello series.

They call him Mr Click . . .
A bitterly cold February in Glasgow. Hanging from a rope in the attic of a deserted tenement is the body of a criminal believed hiding out on the Costa del Sol these last ten years. His face has been hideously disfigured.

Investigating officers DI Anderson and DS Costello believe the dead man to be a suspect in a decade-old case: the rape and attempted murder of a young student. And there are other, similar cases on file.
But what has happened to the dead man's accomplice, 'Mr Click'?

Then with the discovery of another young woman who was brutally attacked, detectives Anderson and Costello realise that this terrifying psychopath has started working once more. They must use every trick in the book to stop him.

For Mr Click has developed a taste for killing. And to satisfy his lust he will kill again and again . . .

Reissued with a stunning new package, Caro Ramsay's Anderson & Costello thrillers have been widely recognised as one of the most significant new series in the genre in recent years and Ramsay's utterly unique investigators are ready to become the nation's favourite Scottish cop duo. Absolution is the amazing opening to this stunning series. Subsequent titles include Dark Water and Singing to the Dead. Fans of Ian Rankin and Val McDermid will love this series.

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a crowd of journalists hanging about out there, waiting for a sniff of developments on Emily’s case. I don’t want them reporting that we’re practising police brutality.’ Browne got unsteadily to her feet, and Anderson held the door open and steered her carefully out. ‘How was she out there?’ Quinn asked Costello as soon as the door had closed. ‘Well, she’s a good partner, a good cop. She just needs a bit of experience, ma’am,’ Costello answered. ‘And quicker reflexes.’ The phone rang, and

operated on for cancer which was now in remission. But her face was chiselled, beautiful, marked by her strength of character, sculpted by her life. Costello didn’t need to read the caption, knowing it would say the renowned artist Helena Farrell and her business partner … And there would be the inevitable speculation about a romantic relationship between Helena Farrell and Terry Gilfillan. She wondered if Anderson had seen it. She hadn’t heard him talk about the old Boss’s wife for a while, but

body, they put them in recovery, they pull a jacket over them, close their eyes, put their head on something soft. It’s an automatic reaction. They never stop to think that they’re buggering things up for us. I’ll ask English if he did it.’ ‘Somebody still drove her out there.’ Costello’s finger jabbed the desk. ‘Which is not a crime,’ Anderson shot back. Lambie said in a conspiratorial whisper, ‘We need to keep these cases together as long as possible. Itsy is Marita’s sister, so everybody’s

Had it been a dolphin, a fish, the little fish? She struggled to remember. She looked again at the woman’s face. She would know her anywhere. ‘What have you got there?’ O’Hare put his glasses on and took the picture from her. ‘Good Lord, that’s the pond out there. I used to come and mess around here as a kid, you know; the public were allowed in then.’ ‘So that was taken here?’ ‘If you go out there you can still see where that boathouse used to be. Did you never come here as a kid? In my day

‘If I was lying there, sinking ever deeper into some kind of darkness, I’d want to know that you were there.’ Costello smiled at him, and he was touched that she’d said ‘you’. They gowned up in silence, adjusting each other’s hats, tying each other’s bows. Costello hung back, leaving Iain and Itsy alone. He stood by the head of the bed, as if wanting to place his hand somewhere to comfort her, to communicate with her, but he hesitated. There was hardly an inch of flesh that wasn’t covered by a

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