Dangerous Lady

Dangerous Lady

Martina Cole

Language: English

Pages: 576

ISBN: 0747239320

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

No one thinks a seventeen-year-old girl can take on the hard men of London's gangland, but it's a mistake to underestimate Maura Ryan: she's tough, clever and beautiful - which makes her one very dangerous lady. Together, she and her brother Michael are unbeatable but notoriety has its price. The police are determined to put away Maura once and for all - and not everyone in the family think that's such a bad idea. When it comes to the crunch, Maura has to face the pain of lost love in her past - and the dangerous lady discovers her heart is not make entirely of stone.

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Really alive. And it felt good. 336 Maura pulled into her drive and sat in the car for a few minutes. She could feel her own nervousness and savoured every second of it. She looked at the large house sitting in ghostly darkness and for the very first time was glad to be home . . . and glad that Carla was not there. She had never been with a man since Terry, had gradually suppressed all her feelings, both sexual and romantic, concentrating on her work and Carla. And now her senses were filling

our strength.' She nodded absently. ' 'I'm telling you, Maura, 1976 is going to be our year.' She looked out at the cold, dirty London streets and sighed. 'I hope so. God, I hope so.' Lord Templeton stepped out of his limousine. His chauffeur held the door open for him and Templeton walked past him as if he was invisible, as he did every day. He walked with his confident stride up the flight of steps that led into the main reception area of his building in Park Lane. His liveried doorman

up at him, the hurt in his eyes almost a tangible thing. Michael saw the green folder and tried to play for time. 'Any more coffee going, Geoff?' Geoffrey ignored him. Picking up the folder, he threw it across the desk. 'Thanks a lot, Bruv.' His voice was flat. Michael sighed. 'For Christ's sake, Geoff. You're not my keeper, you know' Geoffrey lit another cigarette, his hands trembling. 'That's just it, though, ain't it, Mickey? I ain't nothing.' 'Look, Geoff, you know what they say. What

deep, drug-induced sleep, his hand was still holding on tightly to his genitals. Chapter Twenty-three 14 February 1985 Maura knocked on the door of Geoffrey's flat. He lived not far from Michael in Knightsbridge. She had been there only twice before. Even though they had worked together and were brother and sister, they had an accepted and unspoken agreement: I don't like you, so keep your distance. Up till now Maura had respected this. Geoffrey opened the door. He seemed surprised to see her

Chapter Thirty-four 4.50 ' ' Fenn Farm was derelict. It had not been worked for years. Maura had bought it for a song at an auction a few years previously and was going to sell it eventually, subject to planning permission for a housing estate. Green belt land was not classed as sacrosanct any more. If you had the money and the contacts you could build just about anywhere you wanted to. Arable land that was worth only a few hundred pounds an acre could become, overnight, prime building land

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