Custard Crime (Donut Shop Mystery, Book 14)

Custard Crime (Donut Shop Mystery, Book 14)

Jessica Beck

Language: English

Pages: 134

ISBN: 1499285175

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Brand New From New York Times Bestselling Author Jessica Beck! Custard Crime, Donut Mystery #14 When the chief of police’s ex-wife is found dead, some folks think it was an accident, but Suzanne Hart’s boyfriend, State Police Inspector Jake Bishop, knows better. When he’s asked to investigate the crime, Suzanne is thrilled that he’s going to be nearby, but she’s also worried that the investigation might interfere with their relationship. Little does she know that it’s about to do much more than that as she and Grace work behind the scenes searching for the killer themselves.

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suppose you and Grace already spoke with her.” “We tried, but she refused to give us her alibi,” I said. “Suzanne, she’s under no obligation to tell you anything.” “That’s why we thought you might like a crack at her,” I said. “Okay.  I appreciate the tip, but we need to talk about things this evening.” “I can do that,” I said, “but for now, Grace and I are going into the restaurant.  Would you like anything?” “No thanks.” He hung up before I could say good-bye. I stared at my phone for a

the one investigating Evelyn’s murder,” I said levelly. “Maybe not officially, but I hear that you and Grace have already been knocking on doors asking some tough questions around town.” “Wow, news travels fast around here, doesn’t it?” I asked him. “You know it better than I do.  How’s Jake feel about you digging into his investigation?” “He’s absolutely thrilled about it,” I said with a wry smile. George took a sip of coffee, and then he said, “Yeah, right.  Is he very upset about it?  I

brown hair, the slick business suit, and a pair of dress shoes sporting an impossible shine. It was clear that he wasn’t all that thrilled with the nickname, but he was too good a salesman to get too upset about it.  “Actually, it’s Conrad,” he said through a set of overly brightened teeth.  “And you two lovely ladies are?” I decided to ignore his question and follow up with one of my own.  I’d seen politicians do it often enough, so how hard could it be?  “Really?  You don’t like that?

be a little unhinged, but if you’re asking me if she’s twisted enough to kill a rival, I’m not willing to say just yet,” I replied. “I suppose you’ll say the same thing if I ask you about Beatrice and Robby, too, won’t you?” “Probably,” I said as I handed him a glass to rinse.  “You didn’t mention Julie Gray, though.  Did you forget about her, or have you eliminated her as a suspect?” “She’s still on my list, but that’s where it gets complicated.” “How so?” Jake took so long to answer that I

thing in particular intrigued me.  What if there was proof that Conrad had borrowed that money from Evelyn hidden somewhere inside?  He’d been denying it all along, but that didn’t mean that it hadn’t happened.  If there was a note in Evelyn’s journal, or even on a memo pad somewhere in that house, it would go a long way toward helping Jake make sure that Conrad was arrested for Evelyn’s murder.  It might be a long shot, but what did I have to lose?  Grace was out of town, and Jake was hard at

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