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Crochet: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide features a mix of classic and modern crochet projects, including things to wear, items for the home, decorative pieces, and cute gifts.

Packed with 101 inspirational projects for crocheters of all levels of skill, Crochet: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide walks readers through the basic techniques — with useful practice projects — before embarking on more adventurous crochet patterns.

Crochet: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide uses step-by-step techniques and photography to make crocheting as easy as can be.

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the hook. 2 Wrap the yarn around the hook and draw a loop through all 6 loops on the hook. 3 This completes all of the doubles at the same time and joins them at the top. Some bobbles are completed with an extra chain, as shown by the large arrow. Bobbles are usually made with 3, 4, or 5 doubles. Bobbles made with half doubles are called puff stitches. Clusters Crocheted clusters look like upside-down shells. They are made by joining the tops of several stitches (each worked into a

forward because of the method of construction. Popcorns are usually made with 3, 4, or 5 doubles. Essential information DIFFICULTY LEVEL Easy SIZE Small: 13⁄4in (4.5cm) diameter, Medium: 13⁄4in (5cm) diameter, Large: 21⁄4in (5.5cm) diameter YARN Any 4-ply yarn or crochet thread will work here or use different weight yarns for various sizes of flower Ax1 Bx1 Cx1 CROCHET HOOK D/3 US (3mm) hook NOTIONS Yarn needle GAUGE Exact gauge is not essential Flower garland 81 Flower garland Flower

mesh stitch Sc at sides of shell secure it to mesh row below 1 On the shell row of this stitch (see p. 114) start each shell with a sc in a chain loop. Then work all the dc of the shell into a single sc as shown. 2 Complete the shell with a sc worked into the following chain loop. Then work a chain loop and join it to the next chain loop with a sc as shown. Full shell 3 Partial shell Continue alternating shells and chain loops to complete the shell row. Work mesh and shell rows

value between them. Black and white are not included on the color wheel because they are not classified as colors. Black is an absence of all color and white is a Color temperature: Color has a visual “temperature,” with some colors being combination of all colors in the spectrum. Keep in mind that when using perceived as “warm” and others as “cool.” Many people tend to think of blue and black, not only is your work more difficult to see, but also that texture its adjacent colors as being

PROJECTS For more single crochet patterns >> go to pages 34 and 292 Essential information DIFFICULTY LEVEL Easy SIZE Approx 381⁄2 x 471⁄4in (98 x 120cm) YARN Any super bulky weight wool or Finishing acrylic yarn will substitute. Try alpaca for Block blanket lightly. Attach yarn B to any point around edge and work evenly in sc around entire edge, working 3 sc into each corner. Join round with a ss, but do not turn; instead, work 1 row in crab stitch. Fasten off yarn, weave in ends, and block

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