Copper Heart (The Maria Kallio Series)

Copper Heart (The Maria Kallio Series)

Leena Lehtolainen

Language: English

Pages: 274

ISBN: 1477848428

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Former police sergeant Maria Kallio gladly left her tiny Finnish hometown of Arpikylä without looking back. But even though Maria despises the small town and the acrid smell from its now-closed copper mine, when Arpikylä’s sheriff asks her to serve as deputy sheriff for the summer, she agrees.

What should have been a quiet summer soon turns dramatic—and deadly. Meritta, an outspoken local artist, plunges to her death from the copper mine’s tower, and Maria immediately suspects someone helped her fall. Now Maria must face the harsh truth that one of the town’s residents killed Meritta, and friends Maria has known for decades all harbor their own murderous motives—even Johnny, her gorgeous former crush who almost makes her forget about her long-distance boyfriend, Antti, who is studying in Chicago.

In this thrilling addition to the internationally successful Maria Kallio mystery series, the past and present of the beloved Finnish detective violently collide, leaving her future in grave danger.

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always been his drink of choice. “So, Uncle Jaska, can you tell me why Meritta and Aniliina aren’t getting along?” Jaska took a gulp from the bottle and wiped his mouth before answering. “Hard to say which one of them is crazier. Aniliina has that eating disorder, anorexia, I guess. And Meritta has always been horrible. If only she would have stayed in Helsinki.” Jaska hadn’t bothered putting his party clothes on. His perennial punk rocker uniform—tight, worn-out jeans, leather jacket, and

of life now than…teaching other people’s brats how to do somersaults. I’ve been doing the same thing for ten years, and I have another thirty ahead of me. I’m going nowhere.” “Well what do you want to do?” “I don’t know. Something else.” Johnny stripped some leaves from a young birch tree, crushing them with his hand and scattering the green chaff across the copper-colored sand. “I don’t have it in me to be a musician anymore, but I think I could try coaching soccer again or sports reporting

next to nothing, but of course no one was interested at any price because the deal also would have included millions in liability for rehabilitating the sinkhole area. The mining company hadn’t wanted to invest their money in any kind of restoration work, so they leveled the mine buildings with explosives. But without the other tower, the landscape looked strangely barren, like a face missing an eye. Rising farther off in the distance, the tower of the third local mine awaited the same fate.

our class, who didn’t even like me, once said that there were only “two chicks in the class who aren’t chickens too, Ella and Maria.” I was still pretty flattered by that. Ella was a different kind of tomboy than me though. She was significantly taller, with broader shoulders and smaller breasts, and she almost always dressed in brightly colored pantsuits. She kept her dark hair cut short and slicked down flat. She had traded her large glasses for contact lenses, which made her brown eyes shine

out of character, snuggled up under his arm. But even that didn’t help. Now I was worried for Koivu. The poor guy was clearly head over heels and completely henpecked. Supposedly a wedding was in the offing sometime in August. Hopefully someone would be with me at the church to keep me in line so I wouldn’t shout, “For God’s sake, don’t marry that nag!” Detective Antikainen came by my office to announce he was leaving for Joensuu to question the cabin thieves—two Finns and one Russian.

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