Community Medicine: A Student's Manual

Community Medicine: A Student's Manual

Parikshit Sanyal

Language: English

Pages: 641

ISBN: 9351527794

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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of cure by aspirin p is 0.8; obviously, probability of no relief with Aspirin q is 0.2. With the new drug, we have had 100 patients and tried our luck to see whether they are relieved. Its exactly the same as tossing a coin (the new drug) 100 times (on 100 patients) and assesing cure or no cure (just like heads or tails). 98 of them were cured, so our ‘success’ r is 98. If we assume the null hypothesis H0 is true, then it follows that this new drug is no different from Chapter–1 n Health and

amniotic fluid; also, some biochemical test may be useful (high α – feto protein in amniotic fluid indicates neural tube defects). 3. Screening of newborns. 4. Diagnosis at preclinical stages (thalassemia is readily seen from Hb electrophoresis, sickle cell by oxygen exposure test) of at risk babies. 5. Treatment have limited success, like giving Phenylalanine deficient diet to phenylketonuria patients. Rehabilitation Of course, this is the most important part, and often the therapeutic

Occupational environment  257 • Aims of occupational health services  258 • Psychosocial environment  258 • Physical environment  258 • Chemical environment  259 • Biological environment  262 • Sickness absenteeism  263 • Prevention of occupational diseases  263 z Disasters  267 • Classification  267 • Disaster cycle  267 z (Medical) entomology  272 • Vector dynamics  272 • Control of (arthropod) vectors  272 • Mosquitoes  274 • Flies  278 • Ticks  279

profession and gather in big cities for more profitable jobs, better health care, entertainment and chance of social mobility; however, most of them end up in slums, running small shops and adding to the already overcrowded city. • Cities themselves are expanding at a drastic rate. Chapter–4 n Health and the Community Literacy A literate, by definition, is one who is > 7 years and can read and write any language 74.04% of Indian population falls in this category. Family size It is the total

perspective. Psychosocial. As most of infectious diseases had been conquered by the late twentieth century, health professionals began to discover that ‘health’ has a lot more to it than bodily well-being, and psychological, social, economic and political factors affect health profoundly. Holistic. Synthesis of all above, the working concept nowadays. Whose headache is health? Individual Self care (as you know – the best care) is all those practices which keep the individual healthy (hygiene,

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