Collision Course: A Novel of Survival

Collision Course: A Novel of Survival

David Crawford

Language: English

Pages: 183

ISBN: 2:00240052

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Only the strong will survive. But what does it mean to be strong?

The “Smash” has been building for years—runaway national debt, escalating oil prices—but when order finally breaks down, it happens astonishingly fast. Economic collapse. Government in chaos. Gas shortages. Loss of power. No running water. Martial law. Rioting, looting, and lawlessness…

Security specialist DJ Frost saw the writing on the wall, and he has prepared. He’s planned his bug-out route to escape a city many are now trapped in. With his ATV, night-vision goggles, gear, guns, and enough gas to get him to his retreat home in the country, he ventures out alone under cover of darkness.

For Gabe Horne, the “Smash” is nothing compared to his own moral and spiritual collapse after losing his wife and son. But in this time of crisis, he may not have the luxury of drinking himself to death. There are others at his door, and they will need to help one another to survive.

Each man, in his own way, will face the ultimate challenge of preparedness in this new world order—as both hurtle toward a devastating showdown.…

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for a while.” “That’s pretty smart.” “Just practical,” she said. A minute later, she set a steaming bowl in front of DJ. He leaned over it and took a big sniff. His face broke into a smile, and the woman seemed pleased. It didn’t take long for him to devour the bowl of chili, and Crystal refilled it for him. He took more time finishing the second helping. When he was done, he pushed the bowl away and leaned back in the chair. Patting his stomach, he smiled. “That might be the best chili I’ve

asked. “Hi, I’m Crystal Jones from up the road.” “I know who you are. What do you want, and who is he?” “He’s my cousin, Bob,” Crystal said. “Someone stole all the gas out of my car, and I was wondering if you had any I could borrow or trade for.” “Is that what all the shooting was about yesterday?” “Yes,” she said. “Bob got to my place just as they were sneaking off with my gas. He scared them so bad that they shot at him, and he shot back. Nobody got hurt, thank God. The guys took off like

of a gallon of fuel. He happily poured it into the big quad, recovered his tools, confiscated the food in the truck, and strapped everything onto the four-wheeler. Back on the road, he smiled. A half gallon of fuel might not be much, but it would get him another nine or ten miles. * * * Gabe had to catch his breath and unkink his back. He sat up on the edge of the couch. “What’s the matter?” Jane whispered, leaning up next to him. “My back is all twisted. I’m not a teenager anymore, you

their Buick. The only problem with that was that taking the car would tie him to their deaths. No, returning to the scene of the crime, as it were, was a mistake that he wouldn’t make. That left him with three choices. Fix the quad, walk, or acquire another vehicle. Fixing the quad was probably out. The tie-rod couldn’t be mended with duct tape and bailing wire, and that was all he had. Realistically, only a new part would guarantee a complete repair. Walking was a possibility. Looking at the

laughed. “No, sir, that’s not what I meant. I am going to be moving in with Jane after the wedding and we wanted to offer you use of my house until things get back to normal.” The preacher took his eyes off the pipe for the first time since he had crawled down under it. “Are you sure, brother Gabriel?” “Yes.” “Then I accept,” he said as he rose to the tallest five feet five Gabe had ever seen and held his hand out to his helper. “Thank you.” “You’re welcome, Reverend Washington,” Gabe said as

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