City of Dreams (Peter Fallon)

City of Dreams (Peter Fallon)

William Martin

Language: English

Pages: 688

ISBN: 0765361620

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Can I interest you in saving America?"

That's the text message Peter Fallon receives from a Wall Street bigwig. It's not a challenge he can turn down, especially since the country is in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Hidden somewhere in New York City is a box of 1780 bonds with a face value of ten thousand dollars. The Supreme Court is about to decide if these bonds still have value. If the decision is yes, those ten thousand dollars, at five percent interest, will be worth a very pretty penny...

Peter Fallon and his girlfriend, Evangeline Carrington, must find the box―and fast. Suddenly, their race against time becomes a race through time as Peter and Evangeline track the stories of New Yorkers whose lives have been changed by the bonds… and all the while they'll unravel the thrilling and inspiring origins of the City of Dreams.

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said Tim. “More unapproachable.” “Then how?” asked Squints. “I have a plan.” THE NEXT MORNING, Timothy Riley dressed in his best blue suit and red cravat, put on his wool chesterfield, his kid gloves, his derby. He left his flat on Fiftieth and stepped out into the January wind, hurried across Forty-second Street to Madison, then headed south along a street crowded with morning commuters and box cabs and those noisy new autocars. He stopped across from number 219. Morgan’s brownstone faced

o’clock Mass. Though Sacred Heart parishioners were meant to keep holy the Sabbath, some had to work on Sundays or their families would starve. For them it was an early Mass or no Mass at all. Tim sat in the half-full church, surrounded by familiar faces, by depositors, by friends, and he felt that for all his transgressions, he had done them a great service. Then, as the Mass ended, he heard a pure, clear voice, singing the “Ave Maria” in the choir loft. He looked up and there was Doreen.

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revealing herself to someone she had known in her previous life. So she pushed her cart uptown to Columbus Circle, chained it to a lamppost, and carried little Georgie into the Time Warner Center, where she waited until Kathy Flynn stepped off the elevator. Kathy gave her the right-through-you look and kept walking. So Sally hefted the shopping bag holding Georgie and trundled after her and got behind her on the escalator. “I got a scoop for ya!” Sally yelled. “I got a big scoop.” Kathy Flynn

Fallon and Evangeline Carrington on the case in New York. But I could not have written this book without the generous advice, insight, and historical perspective that Ned Downing has offered at every phase of the process. As I say of a character in the book, he introduced me “to a new way of seeing American history.” He answered all my questions during the research and writing, and he read the manuscript, too. I have, of course, taken a novelist’s liberties in fashioning my historical fiction

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