Child of the Phoenix

Child of the Phoenix

Barbara Erskine

Language: English

Pages: 786

ISBN: 0007280793

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In 1218 an extraordinary princess is born, whose mystical powers and unquenchable spirit will alter the course of history...

Raised by her fiercely Welsh nurse to support the Celtic cause against the predatory English king, Princess Eleyne is taught to worship the old gods, to look into the future and sometimes the past. However, unable to identify time and place in her terrifying visions, she is powerless to avert forthcoming tragedy...

Remarkable events follow Eleyne all her life as, despite impassioned resistance, her world s shaped by powerful men. But her tempestuous life and loves tie her to the destinies of England, Scotland and Wales...

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in a toast then turned away again, the candlelight catching the gems of the coronet he wore. Slowly Eleyne shook her head. ‘I don’t remember, I don’t remember what I saw.’ The noise had increased. Above the shouts and laughter and roar of conversation she heard the thin music of the harp. Beef had been brought in, and venison, swimming in blood gravy, and the pages were carrying around the wine yet again. Smoke from the candles rose into the high rafters and was lost in the darkness. Beyond the

it! You can’t mean it! Robert is a boy! He is years younger than me.’ ‘Not so much younger,’ Eleyne coaxed. ‘Only five years. Your father is twenty years younger than me.’ ‘That is different!’ ‘How is it different?’ ‘Because it is.’ Isabella’s voice rose passionately. ‘Mama! It will be so long. When he’s ready for a wife, I shall be … old!’ Her voice rose to a wail. ‘You promised! You promised that I should love my husband! You promised, mama!’ Eleyne flinched at the accusation. ‘You will

has already ordered his release.’ ‘Are you sure? When?’ Eleyne and Donald had set off for John Balliol’s court soon after hearing of Macduff ’s arrest. Then they had changed their minds, and ridden west instead towards the stronghold of opposition to their elected king. ‘He let him go almost at once.’ Robert grinned. He had lost two of his front teeth the previous year and his smile had a piratical wickedness which Donald found fascinating. Even knowing how foolish it was, he felt a shiver run

deepest desolation. ‘Mama.’ She didn’t hear him. ‘Mama!’ He raised his voice slightly. She started and tensed her shoulders, then she turned her face to him. She was pale and her eyes were red-rimmed. ‘Sandy. I didn’t hear you.’ At seventy-eight her voice was as strong and clear as ever. ‘Has your father ridden back with you?’ Sandy nodded, and helped her to her feet. ‘We were present at the ratification of the treaty. Scotland and France are now allies against Edward of England.’ He stood

Earl Donald and holding it safe for his return. And let us all remember,’ she looked proudly around her, ‘that whatever oaths your earl and countess may have been forced to take by our self-appointed overlord, we are all by birth or by marriage,’ she paused with a smile, ‘Scots!’ XI Her bedchamber was cooler now it was fully dark. Wearing only a light linen bed gown, her hair brushed loose down her back, Eleyne sent her ladies away at last. She walked into the garderobe. On a rail there hung

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