Changer's Daughter: A novel of the Athanor

Changer's Daughter: A novel of the Athanor

Language: English

Pages: 412

ISBN: 147009178X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Originally published under the title Legends Walking, here is the sequel to Lindskold’s award-winning novel Changer. A few months have gone by since the events in Changer and times they are a-changing. Arthur is forced to cope without either of his strong right hands. Eddie has taken off for Africa with his good friend Anson A. Kridd. Vera is experimenting with life as a mermaid in uncharted ocean realms. Shahrazad the coyote pup - now confirmed as athanor, although her ultimate potential remains unknown - is taken by her father, the Changer, to Frank MacDonald’s Other Three Quarters ranch. To her father’s dismay, she shows no sign of acquiring the caution she needs if she is to survive. Meanwhile, aware that Arthur’s firm control of the Accord has been weakened, various forces seek to take advantage. Some - like Lilith, Tommy Thunderburst and the satyrs - merely wish to assert the right to mingle with humanity, but others have far more ambitious - and sinister - motives. In Nigeria, someone representing himself as Shopona, God of Smallpox, has released his scourge into the city of Monamona. Confronting him is a woman who says she is Oya, an ancient and powerful goddess. Is Oya athanor or something else entirely? Certainly she is playing fast and loose with the secret that is the heart of Arthur’s Accord and is not to be entirely trusted. And what of the wind that encases Monamona in a protective grasp that is also a prison? In the end, even the Changer must take sides - leaving Shahrazad, his wildly unpredictable daughter, to find her strengths without his ancient wisdom to guide her. Extras! This edition includes both a new introduction by the author and the complete text of "Witches’-broom, Apple Soon,” an athanor short story originally published in the anthology Faerie Tales.

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host will be with you and we can finally uncover the secret of Arthur Pendragon. 27 All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing. —Edmund Burke Less than an hour after Eddie and Arthur finish posting the day’s events, the phones start ringing. Anson and Frank, who had planned to join the group at the Pyramid after dinner, conscript themselves to help and never make it out the door. The questions, despite the various accents

completely certain why he had felt so compelled to follow up on Lovern’s “bad feeling.” Certainly there is no great affection between himself and the wizard—indeed, he tends to distrust Lovern rather than otherwise. Despite such thoughts, he continues to fly toward the Big I. It is easy enough to find, coming as it does at the intersection of two highways. Today, it would be difficult to miss, for traffic is snarled out from it in all directions. He has to circle twice before he is absolutely

that overlooks the waterfront. From there he can keep an eye on the two out front. Their essentially nonhuman nature is obvious as they play with the clothing. Mixing and matching skirts, tops, and shorts, they remind him of cinema aliens who have observed human behavior but never really tried to duplicate it. The Changer has used human form repeatedly, but his knowledge of female attire is limited. Amphitrite is enthusiastic but apparently puzzled by such things as brassieres. Lovern feels

appropriate corridor, the doors to all four suites are closed. She has seen both Arthur and Eddie downstairs, but there is a chance that one of them—or Anson— might dash up for something during this unexpected break. Standing before Lovern’s closed door, she focuses her astral sight. A faint aura, rainbow-hued, its power contained into such a narrow band that a less sophisticated practitioner might believe there was no ward at all, gleams along the door, crisscrossing it lightly at the panels.

what are you going to do? You have promised the Head his body. I have done my part and designed the spell. You are the one who has thus far been found wanting.” “I’ve tried!” “We are not children here that such an excuse is acceptable. I managed brief contact with Mimir’s Head during the Review. He is delighted to be out of his prison, but his impatience grows.” “Tough. He’s going to keep waiting.” “And if Lovern returns him to the ocean’s keeping?” “He won’t. I plan to keep harrying the

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