Bust Your Stress: Identify These Stressors and Learn Tips to Kick Them Out

Bust Your Stress: Identify These Stressors and Learn Tips to Kick Them Out

Jyotsna Codaty

Language: English

Pages: 67

ISBN: 2:00151761

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book is a self-help manual that takes the reader through various stages of identifying stressors in daily life. All the sugested remedies are viewed from the following angles: How to identify every situation? What is stress? How would you identify it? How to learn to cope with it? Ways to overcome stress after retirement etc. At various points, the text combines science, sociology and gives a good insight into the mechanism of stress in Indian psyche.

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say what we mean, and more specifically, learn to say NO when we mean NO. Telephone eats up time: Make calls during specific time periods. It goes for receiving calls too. Ditto for unexpected visitors. Unexpected calls at the wrong time can wreck your schedule, as will unexpected visitors. While it is commonplace to make an appointment to see the doctor or meet an important person, it is generally believed that good friends and relatives can be imposed upon. It would be a good idea to cultivate

for example, inner growth, where the child nurtures small skills like being helpful to others, contemplative attitudes like realising what exactly he wants from life, translated into a child’s vocabulary, the things he would like to do, to communicate with parents about things other than school achievements, to develop good peer bonding and so on. It appears what is important are those skills that can be displayed to the world, like brilliant report cards, trophies awards etc. While all

required, will her parents and brothers stand by her, and not say that her place is in her in-laws’ house, and once married away, that she has no place in her parents’ house? Will she adjust with her sister-in-law, Sarita, who was her friend and confidante till she got married, or will she let age-old prejudices hurt a friendly relationship? And last but not the least, little Pooja. Will she grow up free from the shackles of years old mind sets to emerge as a capable, strong young lady who has

good health as much as anyone else, and that you will exercise that right by making the correct choices. Some suggestions Take good care of your diet. Feeding others does not look after your health. Exercise for a little time daily, and practice a skill like yoga for a few minutes. Where is the time with all the things that are happening? You can make time if you will. And you need this time to keep in good health more than anyone else. Balance your home responsibilities and career ones

Maintain a positive attitude toward Stressors—view them as opportunities for growth. Make decisions, manage your time, do not procrastinate and learn to delegate work. When stress begins to intensify, identify which Stressors you can control. Put the others out of your mind. Like the famous homily, “May God provide me the wisdom to identify those that I cannot change!” Don’t be a perfectionist, give in occasionally to others, ease up on criticism and don’t be competitive. Talk to others, help

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