Building Bots: Designing and Building Warrior Robots

Building Bots: Designing and Building Warrior Robots

William Gurstelle

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1556524595

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is the definitive guide to designing and building warrior robots like those seen on BattleBots, Robotica, and Robot Wars. It walks robot enthusiasts of all ages step-by-step through the design and building process, enabling them to create any number of customized warrior robots. With a strong emphasis on safety, chapters include designing a robot, choosing materials, radio control systems, electric motors, robot batteries, motor speed controllers, gasoline engines, and drive trains. Clear instructions are accompanied by photos, line drawings, and detailed diagrams throughout. A color section showcases a variety of glorious fighting machines. For beginners, there is machine shop 101 and robot physics, and, of course, chapters on weaponry that include spinner robots, thwackbots, cutting blade robots, lifters, and chameleon robots. When the bot of their dreams is built, suggestions on where to compete and game-day strategies and tactics help readers take the next step. An extensive resource section lists parts suppliers, pertinent Web sites, a radio frequency chart, and a glossary.

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this much current for a sustained period of time. Obviously some planning is necessary in order to make it manageable. We’ll discuss how to select ESCs in more detail in Chapter 7. The other problem with high motor currents is the internal motor heating that occurs. High currents cause the motor to heat up, which could have a very bad effect on its life. Some builders counteract this by adding a fan to cool the motors. Blowing air over the motors will keep them cooler. However, this technique

sequence, it works like this. Your brain tells your fingers to move the radio transmitter joystick upward—the command for going forward. As discussed in Chapter 4, the transmitter sends out a radio command, in this case an FM radio-coded string of command pulses of different frequencies. These radio waves are collected off the robot’s radio antenna and amplified by the radio receiver. The receiver amplifies and separates the pulses into different command channels and then sends the pulses out on

this, tension is applied, and the elongation in the specimen is measured. A graph of stress (tensile force divided by the cross-sectional area) versus strain (elongation per unit length) is plotted. 10.1 Typical stress-strain diagram Strain Stress Stiff materials don’t elongate much for a given stress. Stiff Elastic Elastic materials do. When the stress is removed, the material snaps back. Strain Stress 10.2 Stress-strain diagrams for resilient and nonresilient materials At some level of

includes round bars (threaded and unthreaded), squares, and flats. They generally come as thin as 1⁄8-inch and go up from there. Just like making chili, for example, there are different recipes for making steel, each with its particular characteristics. Most common is mild steel. It is widely available, fairly strong, inexpensive, and relatively easy to machine and weld. The different ingredients in steel are called alloys and are used in various quantities and combinations to obtain 121 Gauge

hacksaw. They may also be cut with an oxyacetylene cutting torch. Plasma cutters, machines similar to arc-welders, liquefy a small, targeted pool of metal with a gas-shielded arc, then blow it away with an air jet. A high-performance water-jet cutter is similar in 126 building bots concept and is good for exotic materials such as titanium. If such equipment is beyond your budget and if a robot part is important enough, you can check the yellow pages for laser-cutting and water-jet firms. They

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