Build Your Own Tiny House with Sponsored Products: A 12 Step Action Plan (Builder Reveals Series)

Build Your Own Tiny House with Sponsored Products: A 12 Step Action Plan (Builder Reveals Series)

Don Plenter, Tracy J. Thomas

Language: English

Pages: 99


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

How to build a tiny house on wheels using sponsored products.

In this book you'll learn how to build a tiny house (on wheels or not) - for free! Learn how to get companies begging to give you their tiny house building materials in exchange for advertising and promotion. It's called "corporate sponsorship".

We were able to get $70,000 in materials to build our tiny house and you can do it too! If you're prepared to go the extra mile - you could build your tiny house completely for free!

We'll show you how to build a tiny house by getting corporate sponsored materials. You'll learn how to create your pitch, how to speak to sponsors about your concept and most importantly - how to give them what they want.

We provide the pitch letter - you can make it your own or use as is.

Read the book, learn the ropes and apply what you learn to every future project you undertake!


Why Would a Company Give You Cash or Materials to Build Your Tiny House on Wheels?

Because it's an exchange of value. This is precisely why we were able to raise $70,000 in corporate product sponsorships to build our Homazooma Tiny House even though we had never built one before. Companies, large and small, frequently sponsor teams, projects, events, charities, and just about anything you could think of. Why? Because it’s good business. Sponsorships are typically part of corporate advertising and marketing strategies, because your use of their product, is valuable to them.

Why Build a Tiny House and How Long Will it Take?

Building a tiny house as a project, is a fantastic business opportunity and makes great financial sense! Do you like paying rent or a mortgage? Probably not. The timing for your Tiny House sponsorship project is awesome! More and more Tiny Houses are being featured in mainstream media. They're becoming more popular as part of the solution to a growing national housing crisis. For you, and your sponsors, it means a fantasic win-win situation. If you apply the steps in this book carefully, you could have all your tiny house building materials inside of three months, and a completed Tiny House on wheels (or not) worth $40,000 or more. You could have a complete tiny house within three months to a year. You'll be able to move in, rent it, go traveling in it or even sell it. Can it get any better?

Can Anyone Build a Tiny House?

Absolutely! No special skills are required. All you need is a desire to learn how to get a Tiny House on wheels paid for by sponsors, this book and access to email and a phone.

12 Step Action Plan How to Build Your Tiny House with Sponsored Products for FREE

1. Know Why You're Asking - What's Your Plan? Create a mission statement and learn what value sponsors are seeking.

2. Your Tiny House Project is a Business. Understanding the sponsor's only concern "What's in it for me?" makes it easier for you to manage, like the business it is.

3. Dealing With Sponsors - Understand the Basics. Learn how to create value for your sponsors, understand the various types of sponsors, and the how the various company sizes operate within the "sponsor world". They can be small local businesses or multi-nationals.

4. Finding Sponsors. Included in this book is a tiny house building materials list, so you know which sponsors to pitch. Learn how to find the contacts in each potential sponsor company, and create your pitch letter. You can use our template or create one based on step by step instructions in the book.

5. Tiny House Sponsors Tracking. The spreadsheet you'll download makes it super easy to manage the entire process. You'll track your materials, contacts and all communications so you'll always be on top of the entire process.

6. It's Not Always About Money, But It's Always About Value. In some cases, you'll get support, but your value to sponsors ma

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Suppliers recognize that 10% extra where waste is likely (like for lumber) is to be expected. Just state it clearly in your ask. So don't let your brother-in-law talk you into asking for another chop saw because he'd love to have one! You could lose a sponsor over it and that's definitely not worth it. However, if you discover later, that this sponsor carries an item that you need but didn't expect, there's no harm in going back to them to ask. We went back to a couple of sponsors to get

dozens of pitches per year. You truly have to offer them something that will give them a return and give them something they don't already have access to. How many sponsors did you end up getting? Eleven. Were they local companies, national or multi-national? There was only one local company that sponsored me. It actually wasn't so much of a sponsorship as it was an endorsement. It was the local lumber yard who had been friends with my family for years. They thought it was just the coolest

rewarding things you'll ever do is search out the companies whose product you need, "sell" them on your project concept and then bring your project to fruition. There's no doubt that it's a scary prospect. It takes determination, tenacity and a strong belief in the value you bring to the table. In the beginning, all you're doing is making promises and raking in product. Then the weight of responsibility and obligation hits. That's when it can get scary! After that it takes fortitude, faith,

or to build consumer brand awareness in a specific geographic area. Google them and see where they advertise, where their service and sales centers and distributors are. You can call and ask who buys most of their product - and where. For these companies, with product cost and brand awareness both being an issue, your pitch needs to make sense by offering excellent value. There's more on that later. Are they a local company? If they advertise in local papers, they're usually pretty small. Giving

promotional vehicle, and afterwards we'll probably live in it. The construction was filmed, the tour will be filmed, and product sponsors have, and will get a lot of film footage, blog, social media and regular media exposure. They'll also be mentioned in books and articles. Here's a short list of various ways a company may want to be promoted. Think creatively about how you can bring value to the sponsor in these areas. Institutional Promotion - Creating awareness of their company name. They

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