Build the Perfect Survival Kit: Custom Kits for Adventure, Sport, Travel

Build the Perfect Survival Kit: Custom Kits for Adventure, Sport, Travel

John D. McCann

Language: English

Pages: 159


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An emergency can arise at anytime. Now everyone from the average commuter to the risk-taking sportsman can benefit from these just-in-case kits that may just save a life. Build the Perfect Survival Kit offers a number of kits, from very basic pocket-sized ones with just the essentials to elaborate ones designed for weeks of surviving in the wilderness. The book advocates careful advance planning and building a personalized kit specifically tailored to each outing or possible emergency that may be encountered. Readers will learn about the eight categories of gear: Fire and Light, Signaling, Water and Food, Shelter and Protection, Knives and Tools, Multi-purpose Items and Miscellaneous Items, and what to pack into a kit for their pocket, glove box, four-wheeler, car boot, backpack and more.

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tool, and it is your experience, know-how and good judgment that get you out of most survival situations. However, when you travel, whether it is the woods, the water or just out for a ride, a survival kit is your insurance that when something goes wrong, you will have the basics to survive. A survival kit, no matter how small, helps you “stack the deck” in your favor, and in a survival situation, you need all the help you can get. I often ask people if they ever drive their vehicle without a

medium and large kits, as it is truly a multi-purpose knife (Have I mentioned that multi-purpose is a good thing?). The SOG SEAL-REVOLVER with both blades revealed. Before using the knife one of these blades must be rotated and locked within the handle. FAST FACTS: Despite its name, stainless steel can still rust if not maintained properly. Some knives are made from other non-steel materials such as cobalt, titanium and ceramic in order to eliminate the rust factor all together.

(which is my preference). This sheath also provides space for my multi-tool. It should be noted that Ontario Knife Company has very recently introduced the RAT-7, which is also designed by Jeff Randall. It is a larger version of the TAK, being 12 inches overall with a 6.5-inch blade. I haven’t played with this new model yet, but it is my understanding that it is offered with a new Cordura sheath with a gear pocket and Kydex blade insert being made by SpecOps Brand. Another knife that will

From left to right are the Gerber Multi-Purpose Tool (the author’s preferred tool), a Kershaw locking-pliers tool, an Original Leatherman tool and SOG Power Pliers. There are so many of these type tools to choose from that I will only state you should decide what components you desire and then find a quality unit that provides them. Some components that I desire are pliers, a saw and scissors. All have at least one knife blade, so that’s a given as a backup blade. I have experimented with

should suffice for most needs. I carry a medium-size kit when out with a small group, and if with students on an advanced survival course, I carry a large kit. The kit size really depends on if you are caring for just yourself or if you are responsible for other people. My medium kit is built on the same idea as my small kit. Individual item groups are packaged together in waterproof pouches or small zip-lock bags – just more stuff in a bigger pouch. Again, I used a pre-existing red first-aid

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