Brutal Vengeance: The Loner

Brutal Vengeance: The Loner

J A Johnstone

Language: English

Pages: 500

ISBN: 1628995254

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In a land of legends, the Loner has nothing to prove. That's usually when violence finds its way to him . . .

Bullets Don't Die (The Loner, Book 15)

The Painter: A Novel

Horseman, Pass By: A Novel

Cries from the Earth: The Outbreak Of the Nez Perce War and the Battle of White Bird Canyon June 17, 1877 (The Plainsmen Series, Book 14)

Treasure Mountain

Waltzing with Tumbleweeds




















Reilly out before he burned up.” “Looks like he came pretty close to it anyway.” “Yeah. I didn’t want him to come along. The local sawbones said he oughtn’t even be out of bed, let alone ridin’ with a posse. But Reilly’s bound and determined to be there when we catch up to Latch. Says he’s got a score to settle. I don’t know about you, Morgan, but I can’t argue with that.” “No.” The Kid slowly shook his head and thought about his own quest for vengeance that had nearly consumed him. “I

“You reckon I’ll get any count this time? You been givin’ me bad dominos all night.” “Bad dominos, my hind foot! You’ve had double-five every time. It’s your turn to down.” Donahue set his dominos up so he could see them. He paused, picked one up, and placed it faceup in the center of the table. “Wouldn’t want to break tradition,” he said as he moved the peg in his little scorekeeping board. Rodman grunted and shook his head. He said something about dumb luck under his breath, but that just

all of them had already noticed anyway. “We’ll stop for a few minutes and pick up some supplies. But that’s all. When I say we hit the trail, we hit the trail. Got it?” Several of the men nodded. Marchman said, “We understand, Ranger.” Culhane waved them into motion again. The posse rode toward the settlement at a trot. After being on the trail for several days, the men were anxious for the sight of a town again. It would probably just remind them of everything they had lost, The Kid

sneak up on Lace undetected like he had. Of course, with all the shooting going on in the canyon, plus the sounds of the horses moving around, there was quite a bit of racket, which helped explain how she had been caught unaware. Even with the man pinning her down with his foot, Lace continued to struggle. She had dropped her rifle, but The Kid could tell she was trying to reach the revolver she had taken from the dead man earlier. The outlaw’s jovial attitude disappeared as he rested the

eyes never stopped moving as their gazes roamed across the canyon and up the slopes on the sides. After narrowly surviving one trap, they didn’t want to ride right into another one. Staying in the open, they hoped to attract the attention of the surviving posse members. A few minutes later, several men on horseback emerged from some trees and rode quickly toward them. The Kid recognized Ed Marchman in the lead. The stocky storekeeper’s two employees, Clyde Fenner and Jack Hogan, were with

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