Brothers in Blood: a Byrnes Family Ranch Western (A Byrnes Family Ranch Novel)

Brothers in Blood: a Byrnes Family Ranch Western (A Byrnes Family Ranch Novel)

Dusty Richards

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0786031956

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Dusty Richards writes. . .with the flavor of the real West." --Elmer Kelton

Arizona Is Hard Country. . .

Chet Byrnes is building a new life in Arizona Territory as he expands his cattle ranching operation--but trouble just keeps coming. A friend's young daughter is abducted, and the search leads Chet and his men to the wild town of Tombstone and ultimately south of the border, where everything comes with a price. . .and life is cheap.

And Chet Brynes Is A Hard Man

As much as Chet longs to stay close to home and his beloved wife, friends and family continue to need his brand of help. He's able to track stagecoach robbers and face down threats to his kin. But the pursuit of a band of ruthless rustlers ends in a devastating tragedy for the Brynes family. . .

"Dusty takes readers into the real west at full gallop." --New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas

"Dusty Richards is the embodiment of the old west." --Storyteller Magazine

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easier.” “I imagine it would be. How’s the fencing coming along?” “Good. We’re really moving on that.” “Any problems?” “Just doing it.” Hampt laughed. “We’re fine. Good to see you. JD doing all right?” “I think so. He ain’t himself yet.” “That can come. I promised May I’d do something for her today, or I’d go along with you.” “Take care of her.” Chet set out at a lope after the others, but taking time to look around at the land. This country had lots of junipers and some sagebrush about

“Below the Rankin place. My paw knows you.” Cole and Jesus materialized out of the darkness, probably after hearing the ruckus. “You heard of a Boone down there?” Chet asked Cole. “Yeah, but I don’t know him.” “Okay, Raft. We’ll saddle up and ride back with you. Should we get a doctor for your paw?” “He just said get you.” “Come in and eat something. Is your horse done in?” “Yes, sir.” “We’ll saddle another for you.” He turned to Marge. “Are the panniers packed and ready?” “Yes,” she

their owners.” “I don’t know if we can do that.” “Why in the hell not?” “I think they were sold.” “By bid?” Raines shrugged. “No, just sold.” “Then the sheriff benefited from this frame-up, didn’t he?” “You’re saying he did this to sell those horses?” “He sold the horses. Right?” By this time, they were inside the courthouse lobby and Chet cut off his questioning. Ahead of him, Raines walked into the sheriff’s outer office first, and the deputy frowned at him. “What are you here for?”

cousins. Real vaqueros like the ones on my wife’s ranch.” “Will they help us?” “I hope they will offer us a headquarters and watch our things while we’re rangering out here.” “That would be nice.” “If I can, I’ll hire the wives to cook for us. We were lucky last night to catch those two. The rest will be harder and take longer, I figure.” “Jesus will like not having to cook, as well.” “I agree. But he beats many cattle drive cooks I’ve known.” “Sometime, you’ll have to tell me about those

the rest joined in. Chet stood and made them stop. He said, “The men that ride with me lay their lives on the line every day. I appreciate them and they take care of me, too. Thanks.” He sat down. It’s a good night, but I wish Marge was here. CHAPTER 25 In the morning, they quietly headed for Tubac. Shawn led the packhorses and they rode along with Ortega busy roping odds and ends beside the road. “You ever roped a mountain lion?” Chet asked. He’d heard men talk about doing it. Ortega

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