Broken Crowns (The Internment Chronicles)

Broken Crowns (The Internment Chronicles)

Lauren DeStefano

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 1442496371

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

War rages everywhere and Morgan is caught in the middle in the haunting conclusion of The Internment Chronicles, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Chemical Garden trilogy.

The city is falling out of the sky…

Morgan always thought it was just a saying. A metaphor. The words of the dying. But as they look up at the floating island that was their home, Pen and Morgan make a horrible discovery—Internment is sinking.

And it’s all Morgan’s fault.

Corrupted from the inside by one terrible king and assailed from the outside for precious resources by another, Internment could be destroyed because Morgan couldn’t keep a secret. As two wars become one, Morgan must find a way to bring her two worlds together to stop the kings that wage them…

Or face the furthest fall yet.

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can feel myself starting to forget how alive it was up there, how bright and cheerful. We’ve stopped walking, and as I shield my eyes and stare up at Internment, I can feel Basil watching me. My heart is fluttering in my chest, anxious and frightened and strangely thrilled. It is an act of bravery for me to look at him when he makes me feel this way. “I was wrong, all those times I said your eyes might be the same color as the sea down here,” he says. “No?” “No,” he says. “They’re still the

did to your parents, and especially to you.” “I didn’t ask you what Lex wants. I asked what you want.” She smiles. It is a kind, wistful smile. “Should there be any difference?” “What a thing to say. Of course there’s a difference.” She hands me another dish. “After your brother jumped, one afternoon while he was still in the hospital, I came home to tend to the plants, and there was a letter waiting for me at the door, from my parents. I was welcome to return home if I estranged myself from

in your ring. It doesn’t matter how many worlds there are; our place is with each other.” “Lex doesn’t deserve you,” I say. “Truly.” She smiles. “But there is nothing left for me up there,” she adds. “Since you asked. Everything I need is here.” I don’t know that there’s much left on Internment for me either. I tell myself that my father is still alive up there, and that I’ll be reunited with him. But when that happens, will he want to leave Internment behind? He risked his life trying to do

with your secrets lately. Why did you tell me your theory about Internment sinking?” She goes on sketching. “It wasn’t the right time before now. No sense making you panic until King Ingram was back and we could do something about it.” “It’s just . . . After I told Celeste about the phosane, and she went to the king, I thought you hadn’t forgiven me. I thought I’d been locked out of your head.” The pencil stills in her hand. She stares down at the page as she speaks, with difficulty. “I

say. “Just wait?” “Just wait,” he says. “I suspect King Ingram will be dead by the end of the month.” I walk back to the shuttle in a daze. I knew that Nimble would have some plan brewing, but murdering his own grandfather? Now I see why he was so adamant about my delivering that envelope to Celeste directly. The shuttle begins to move. I wonder how he’ll do it. Will he stage an accident? Will he march up to the palace and cut the king’s throat? I wonder if Birdie knows. I think, after

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