Body Language: How Our Movements and Posture Reveal Our Secret Selves (Revised and Updated)

Body Language: How Our Movements and Posture Reveal Our Secret Selves (Revised and Updated)

Julius Fast

Language: English

Pages: 108

ISBN: 2:00228106

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Body Language helps you to understand the unconscious body movements and postures that provide intimate keys to what a person is really thinking and the secrets of their true inner selves. You will learn how to read the angle of shoulders, the tilt of a head, or the tap of a foot, in order to discern whether an individual is angry, frightened or cheerful. You will be able to use Body Language to discover the most - and least - important person in any group by the way others position themselves. The body is not able to lie, for it sends subtle signals to those who know how to read them. Body Language will even show you how to do it without others knowing you are observing them.

Body Language was a huge best seller when first published and has remained in print ever since. It has been thoroughly updated and revised especially for this new E-Reads edition.

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took place in a barber shop. Chaplin as Hitler and Jack Oakie as Mussolini are shown getting shaves in adjacent chairs. The scene centers around the attempts of each to put himself in a dominant position to the other in order to assert his superior leadership. Trapped within their chairs, lathered and draped, there is only one way to achieve dominance, and that is by controlling the height of the chairs. They can reach down and jack them up. The higher man wins, and the scene revolves around the

hospital nurses who discuss the patient’s condition at his bedside, or the black maid in the white household who serves dinner while the guests debate the race question. Even the janitor who empties the waste basket in an office may not bother to knock when he enters, nor does the occupant of the office mind this intrusion. The janitor is not a real person to him. He’s a non-person just as the man in the office is a non-person to the janitor. Ceremonies and Seating How we recognize and

when it is not used with the ultimate goal of sexual intercourse. Just what are these sexual patterns of behavior? Well, according to Dr. Scheflen’s investigations, when a man and a woman prepare for a sexual encounter, although they are unaware of what they are doing, they go through a number of body changes that bring them into a state of readiness. The muscles of their bodies become slightly tensed and “ready for action.” Body sagging disappears, and they stand up straighter, more erect and

difference, an observer of one nationality may see things in body language that are completely missed by someone of a different nationality. The above description, open eyes with a medial brow contraction, pinched nostrils and a mouth in repose, would be the same to an American as the one below. However, to someone from Italy, there would be a subtle difference in omitting the medial brow contraction. The first expression might suggest uneasiness or apprehension. The final clue in each case

old, twelve-paned windows, the rows of benches silent and unoccupied. He slipped into a seat and sat there, letting the peaceful silence fill him. Suddenly he heard a slight cough and, looking up, saw a bearded Quaker standing near his bench, an old man who might well have stepped out of the pages of history. He smiled, but the old Quaker frowned and coughed again, then said, “Forgive me if I offend, but thee art sitting in my place.” The old man’s quaint insistence on his own space, in spite

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