Bloody Hills

Bloody Hills

Charles G. West

Language: English

Pages: 115

ISBN: 2:00265039

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Small but deadly with a gun, Billy Ray Blevins has made a reputation for himself as a gunslinger. After one cold-blooded murder too many, the town people form a posse to go after Billy Ray. They turn back after Billy Ray flees to the Black Hills - that is, all but the widow of the man he murdered and a deputy. Hardly qualified to undertake the task, in spite of their determination, they are fortunate to happen upon the one man more than able - Clay Culver, a scout whose tracking skills are second to none.

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with nothing more than a halfhearted smile, he busied himself with the fire. He knew the journey was hard on her, but she never complained, and she never gave any indication that her resolve to find the murderer of her husband had weakened. When they had first started out, his resolve to find Sam Ingram’s killer had been just as strong. Now he had to admit that he was primarily pushing on because of the woman. He hated the thought of letting her down. He also hated the thought that his resolve

only shake his head in exasperation. “Jesus God, man, get on with it.” In furious frustration, his anger compounded by Henry’s rebuke, Billy Ray gave up on his attempt to slit Lon’s throat neat and clean like Henry would have probably done it. Instead, he began to stab the doomed lawman in the back, over and over, repeatedly drawing the knife out and plunging it in again, until Lon lay dead. The body limp and lifeless at last, Billy Ray sat back on his heels, panting from the exertion, his hands

renewed strength to resist him—and the restricting bonds of the trousers around her knees. So close to his first conquest, he could hold himself no longer. His immediate sensation was anger, then humiliation at having failed to complete the violation of his captive. The sudden cessation of the carnal struggle caught Henry’s attention once again. Not overexcited about watching Billy Ray’s lustful assault, Henry had become bored with the exhibition, and turned his attention toward the fire and

moment of conquest, he did not hear Sheriff Ingram’s command to drop his weapon. When Billy Ray failed to respond, Sam fired a shot in the air as a warning. Snapped back to his senses by the sound of the rifle, Billy Ray whirled around and emptied his pistol of the remaining three cartridges. It happened so fast that he wasn’t even aware of what was happening until he saw Sam Ingram lying mortally wounded in the street. The sudden barrage scattered the crowd of spectators into nearby doors and

horse, as Clay had instructed, instead of fighting it. She was too drained to even be aware of it. Her mind registered one foreboding thought, however. The sun was getting low. They would be stopping to make camp soon, and her nightmare would resume. As long as they traveled, she was free from Billy Ray’s constant pawing and abuse. Repulsed to the point of suicidal thoughts when first captured, she was now reduced to detached submission, regarding her body as a dead thing, no longer attached to

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