Blood Pact (Blood Books)

Blood Pact (Blood Books)

Tanya Huff

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0756405041

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Blood Books are now available in "Blood Ties" TV tie-in editions. View our TV tie-in feature page here here.

Vicki Nelson has received the call that no daughter ever wants to receive—that her mother has died. Marjory Nelson’s coworkers at the Queen’s University Life Science Department told her that she suffered a heart attack, and that they’d be waiting for Vicki to arrive in Kingston to make the funeral arrangements. But what begins as a personal tragedy turns into the most terrifying case of Vicki’s career, when her mother’s body disappears mysteriously from the funeral home. Someone at the University is determined to learn the secret of life after death…and they’ve decided to make Vicki’s mother part of their horrifying experiments.

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me here.” “Yeah, you did, but I just thought you should know that Mr. Hutchinson has gone to get the subject.” “Which Mr. Hutchinson?” “The younger one.” “And he’ll be back?” “In about an hour. There’s no one else here, so he’s going to start working on it immediately.” Dr. Burke sighed. “When you say no one else, Donald, do you mean staff or clients?” “Clients. All the staff are here; the old Mr. Hutchinson and Christy.” “Very well. You know what to do.” “But . . .” “I’ll see to it

had to shake her head. His lips brushed very lightly against her hair. “You were right,” she said instead. “Sleep helped. But . . .” Her fingers twisted in his shirt and she yanked him slightly forward. “. . . don’t ever do that again.” His hand covered hers. “No promises,” he told her quietly. Yes, promises, she wanted to insist. I won’t have you messing with my head. But he messed with her head just by existing and under the circumstances, she wouldn’t believe any promises he made. “Get

sank under the weight of a third body. He became an extension of their passion which quickly grew and intensified and finally ignited, racing up nerve endings until mere mortals became lost in the burning glory of it. He left the way he came. In the morning, they’d find the catch on the screen had been broken and have no idea of when it had happened. Their only memory of his participation would keep them trying, night after night, to recreate what he had given them. He wished them joy in the

rising sun to switch off his life; trusted that the setting sun would switch it on again. Vicki had spent the day with Henry once, held captive by the threat of sunlight outside the bedroom door. The absence of life had been so complete it had been a little like spending the day with a corpse. Only worse. Because he wasn’t. It wasn’t an experience she wanted to repeat. She’d run from him that night, the moment the darkness had granted her safe passage. To this day she wasn’t sure if she’d run

best motivator regardless of where it was applied. “There’ll be another stack out there tomorrow,” she added, indicating the pile of folders on the comer of her desk. “You can count on me, Doctor. Good night. Oh.” The door, in the process of closing, opened again and Mrs. Shaw reappeared. “Marjory’s daughter was around this morning. She wanted Donald Li’s home address. I hope you don’t mind.” “A little late now if I did, isn’t it?” Somehow, she managed to keep the question light. “Did Ms.

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