Blackhearted Betrayal (A Shades of Fury Novel)

Blackhearted Betrayal (A Shades of Fury Novel)

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1937007650

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the acclaimed author of Green-Eyed Envy comes a tumultuous tale of unrest among the Furies...

As Boston’s Chief Magical Investigator, Riss Holloway has been responsible for solving any crimes committed by or against supernaturals. But now she’s taking a leave of absence from the Boston PD and heading home--to focus on her duties as a Fury: like assisting her mother with an unsettling friction brewing in the Sisterhood, a faction of Furies sworn to serve all the Deities equally. These days, someone is playing favorites, drawing Riss into a tumultuous civil war embroiling every god and goddess. What was once a precept, to stand as a united whole policing arcanekind for millennia, has been divided by something Riss never imagined—and choosing sides could be the most dangerous move she’s ever made.

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other Death Lords and now to the Divine Realm? And you want the two of us to find proof of his crimes where the other Death Lords have fa—been thwarted?” Ha. That showed Mom’s greater gift for diplomacy clearly enough. I would have just spat out the word failed to two of said Death Lords without bothering to pretty it up. Because, dammit, that’s exactly what Epona and Ala had done—screwed the ever-living-heck out of the pun-so-intended pooch, in the form of Anubis. Also known as the god who told

showed us the trick for ripping up articles of clothing to cover our mouths, but the eyes were another matter entirely. We had to be able to see, after all. Eventually I worked out the timing for blinking or completely shutting my eyes at the most opportune moments, but that didn’t make me hate every single trudging step forward one iota less. Even the novelty of looking across Technicolor sand dunes quickly wore off under the blistering sun (don’t ask me how a subterranean place like the

and Stacia had probably been trying to help oust Nan completely during her visits—with no luck. Her bargain with Satan—er, Anubis—had then kicked in when I killed her crazy butt several months ago, allowing her to bolster her lover’s spiritual strength until they finally wrested control from Nan right before my serial-killer case kicked into high gear. They’d forced Nan out of her own body, and Anubis had held her hostage here since her body still lived, and he couldn’t risk Nan’s shade ratting

lay dying. Sahana met my gaze miserably and shook her head, causing Charlie to let out a low, vicious curse. “Gods damn it, Trin!” I choked out, tears blinding me. “How could you do this to me?” As if she’d had a choice. She managed the ghost of a smile but couldn’t spare the energy to speak. It seemed horribly unfair that she was there, bleeding to death, when Scott stood just feet away battling a deity for control of his body, a deity who could have healed Trinity’s body in seconds were

previous instruction still stands.” I.e., be quiet. “We’ll be as quick as we can.” She gave a brave nod and even managed the ghost of a smile, falling back without protest when Durra nudged her toward the Megaeras behind her. “If you two will come with me?” Like we had a choice. While I reassured Cori, Mom wasted no time giving instructions to Patricia and Laurell. They would head on to the Palladium as planned while we went along with the Megaeras like good little girls. Yeah, just thinking

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