Bite-Sized Marketing: Realistic Solutions for the Over-Worked Librarian

Bite-Sized Marketing: Realistic Solutions for the Over-Worked Librarian

Nancy Dowd

Language: English

Pages: 152

ISBN: 0838910009

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Written and designed to reflect the way people read today, this book is structured to quickly impart simple and cost-effective ideas on marketing your library. Filled with contemporary marketing ideas, the authors provide

* How-tos of guerrilla marketing
* Cutting-edge digital marketing practices
* Benefits of traditional print media

Visually compelling and easy to read, this book will challenge you to market your library in new and original ways.

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hope will be shared, make sure that you start and end with a connection to your library. Keep the story line simple and don’t use too many details. For example, if you tell your story at a meeting, include a written version as a handout. It could be on an index card. The Maryland State Department of Education designed postcards with photos of the people they have helped, and each postcard featured that person’s story. Postcards are cheap to print, and you can design a different card for each

this form, you agree to have your name, home library, and county listed in the brochure. However, not all stories will be included in the brochure due to space limitations. If you are you willing to speak with legislators about the value of your public library, then please list your contact information below (home address, phone and/or e-mail). Your contact information will be used only for this purpose. Thanks for Being a Contributor to Our Statewide Collection of Library Stories! 32 Steps to

Signage • Interactivity • Giveaways • Print materials 65 Make Clear Signage with a Simple Message This is the attention getter: what are you saying that will interest a person to stop at your table? Keep in mind that most people walk through the aisles of large shows looking down at the table, so make sure you have the name of your library on your tablecloth. Make It Interactive Design an activity that compels people to engage with you, and then reward them for playing. Sponsor a free

allow others to view and share photos from your library. You can choose the level of Creative Commons licensing you want for each photo, group them into sets and categories, tag them, and automatically post them to your blog. You can even create groups so that your 92 customers can add their photos. You should have a lawyer-approved photo policy in place for your library before posting photos. Once that’s in place, you are good to go. Tagging Libraries around the world have already tapped into

whether others accept that message. For large-scale campaigns you’ll want to find the 10 percent who can influence the other 90 percent of your population. Influencers have been called sneezers, buzz agents, fans, advocates, friends, or even cool kids. No matter what you choose to label them, finding people who are excited about what you are doing and who want to tell others is the most essential ingredient in any WOMM campaign. One of our staff members is paid but also a member of our Friends.

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