Bill Hicks Agent of Evolution

Bill Hicks Agent of Evolution

Kevin Booth

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 0007198302

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Written by Bill Hick's lifelong friend, producer, and co-creator, Kevin Booth offers the inside story into the man who was only along for the ride for a tragically short time, yet left an indelible mark on comedy enthusiasts and freethinkers everywhere. Bill Hicks: Agent of Evolution offers a rare fly-on-the-wall insight into the life of one of Britain's most loved US comedians. Adored in the UK for his unique style of savage, hilarious comedy, the one person who knew him inside and out tells of a man whose life was just as impassioned and off-the-wall as his comedy. Even back at High School, in Houston, Texas, Kevin was Bill's co-conspirator, as they sneaked out of Bill's strict Baptist home at night, and headed for the Comedy Workshop, where at the age of fourteen, Bill was going down a storm. They virtually shared every experience - from magic mushrooms to girls, but it was their music and their vision of comedy, which bound them so closely together. Kevin produced, engineered and performed on many of Bill's recordings, and it is largely due to him, that so much of Bill's comedy is readily available on CD and video. Michael Bertin, a hugely talented author from Austin, Texas, is co-writing Kevin's fly-on-the-wall biography of Bill Hicks.

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on its head. We had been wanting to lay down the music then put the comedy over that. But it obviously wasn’t working. There is sort of a “duh” quality to it now, but maybe we had to fail several times the other way before we could admit to ourselves what we probably knew in the first place. After the turn of the New Year, we had a much better handle on what we were doing. Things were going well in the studio; we were making real progress. Things also started happening outside the studio. Bill

see what I mean? There is no hurry for me now. I must think in terms of longevity. Think of the ups and downs those two have been through. Yikerbooes! The Comedy Store is a comic factory for producing these LA modsters. It’s very scary. I don’t know what to do, ya know? Stay out here and take a chance of not becoming jaded and bored with everything, or leave – give up my position out here, and go to college for a few years and work in a club with a more productive atmosphere. See what I mean? I

other side of the stage and goes, “Maybe I was a little out of line.” He might have yelled back at other people, but that one woman really took the air out of his sails. CHAPTER 5 Kevin Booth David Johndrow had a friend named Mark. Older guy. Married. He was a swinger, or at least had all of these swinger stories, and other lurid tales of his sexual exploits. He also claimed to be going to prostitutes with some regularity and told David about a place off of Interstate 35, a few miles

on his second appearance. Bill was either retreading material or didn’t even realize he was doing jokes he did on the show before. It wasn’t an isolated occurrence. Bill was back on Late Night the following October, and he did the bit about how he had been seeing the same girl for three years and was ready to pop the big question. “Why… are we still seeing each other?” He had also done that on his second appearance five years earlier. For a guy who could do ninety minutes easy in a club, he was

show was like, remember how that show could have been better. That was another difference between the Houston comics and comics that came here from other places, the comics on the road: they were always talking about getting this job and who was hiring; we talked about comedy. It just annoyed me when other comedians talked about work. And they were right in a way because they had more successful careers. They were obsessed with getting work. I was obsessed with being funny. And they went a lot

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