Big Table, Busy Kitchen: 200 Recipes for Life

Big Table, Busy Kitchen: 200 Recipes for Life

Allegra McEvedy

Language: English

Pages: 232


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Big Table, Busy Kitchen is the ultimate celebration of food, home, love and life by renowned chef and bestselling food writer Allegra McEvedy. Inspired by her mother's handed-down recipe collection, the source of so many happy meals and memories, Allegra lovingly created this extraordinary cookbook not only for her own daughter but for all families to turn to and treasure through a lifetime of cooking and eating.

This is a delicious journey through 200 glorious recipes, from first bakes to first loves, feeding the family to feeding your friends, compulsory veg to nursery puddings and everything in between. With recipes that are as achievable and delicious as they are inventive and engaging, accompanied by stunning photographs, vibrant page design and charming hand-drawn illustrations that will make you smile, this is everything a family cookbook should be.

Chapters include: It Begins with Baking / The New Worker / Just the Two of Us / A Bun in the Oven / The Art of Entertaining / A Week of Sundays / Soup Theory / Nursery Puds.

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charity that delivers hot meals to people with HIV and AIDS), as well as the Notting Hill Farmers’ Market and the London Gay Symphony Orchestra. In 2008, she was awarded an MBE for services to the hospitality industry, with the citation of promoting healthier eating and ethical sourcing in the UK. Allegra lives in West London with her daughter. This is her sixth (and biggest) book. Acknowledgements This was a book I not only wanted to write, but needed to, in order to put right the great

Parthenon in September and the bird tree Christmas, right through the full-on shoot in February: you ladies stayed with me all the way. My thanks to you is just Too Big (and Kate, for the second time in two books, our food helped grow a beautiful baby … welcome little Ciarán!) Also to Dandan, our fourth musketeer in the kitchen, not only for the plate-propping but whose energy was priceless just as we were losing the will. To Ione Walder at Quercus, for her calm navigation and cool

benefit of a six-burner stove and the kind of oven which could house a sorority of suckling pigs that restaurants do. In my mind, cooking a great steak sits perfectly at the intersection of these two sets: it’s one of life’s great skills and guaranteed to impress, which is why I’ve included my 10-Point Guide to Steak Heaven in here (see Steak Heaven). Because the real truth of it is that lovers come and go, you can’t control that, but the skill of how to cook a perfect medium-rare sirloin will

immediately. Summer Slaw Makes a big bowlful; for 6–8 as a side 1 good-sized ruby grapefruit (or 2 small ones) 250g asparagus (about 8 large spears) 1 celery stick, sliced very thinly 1 head of chicory, shredded (use red chicory if you see it) � small head of Chinese leaf, finely shredded small handful of flat-leaf parsley, roughly chopped small handful of mint, roughly chopped, plus a few small leaves 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp white balsamic vinegar or white wine vinegar

and cut into wedges so they are roughly the size of the bottom third. Put the parsnips into a roasting tray big enough so that they won’t be too crowded. Pour on the olive oil, scatter over the orange zest and caraway seeds, drizzle with honey and season well. Give it all a good roll around then roast for 20 minutes. Use a fish slice to flip them over before popping them back in and cooking for another 10–15 minutes. They should be soft and squidgy with enticing crunchy bits at the edges. How

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