Big Sky Blue Novella, Shades of Blue, Book 1

Big Sky Blue Novella, Shades of Blue, Book 1

Hildie McQueen

Language: English

Pages: 72


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A story of two very different people who belong together, proof that sometimes fate can have a sense of humor when it comes to love

Left to raise his infant son alone, a hardened Hank Cole is determined to make the best of it while prospering his ranch, but when a beautiful woman literally lands on his doorstep, he is helpless against the attraction between them.

Elizabeth Dawson is too outspoken for gentle society, but she may be the perfect match for a tough Montana cowboy.

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fall. Hank rolled his eyes when both women rushed to collect the wailing child. "You're going to spoil him rotten, he's gotta learn to fall." He spied his son's face, not a tear in sight when Ashley leaned his head on Elizabeth's shoulder and sucked his thumb content at being picked up. Hank assisted the women onto the wagon, after which, he prompted the horses into a slow steady gate. Elizabeth sat up front with him, while Mrs. Dawson held Ashley on the bench behind them. The older woman

kitchen intent on retrieving his son but came to stop when noting Elizabeth remained in the kitchen alone, sipping a cup of tea. She looked up at him and her eyes widened at noticing his bare chest. Hank looked past her. "I--er where are Ashley and Miss Betty?" She smiled. "Both fast asleep." He pushed his hands into his pockets and took them back out again, wondering how to leave the room gracefully. Her hair was down and she wore a pale yellow dress. At her elbow was a book, beside it a

Mother always said I spoke too bluntly for a woman." Once again he neared her, this time cupping her face and lifting it until the beautiful dark green eyes met his. "Don't look down. I am not indifferent to you Elizabeth. It’s just that I don't know if I'm ready for more than taking care of Ashley, right now." "I don't expect anything from you. Although it's nice of you to say." She smiled at him. "I admire your dedication to Ashley, it's exactly what you should be focused on. Your son needs

followed her. "Lord child, does Hank know?" "Don't you dare say a word to him, please." Elizabeth didn't bother denying it. "I'm sure I'll get over it." "Goodness, dear, it's not like a cold, you can't just get over love." The warm hand on her shoulder soothed Elizabeth and she sighed. "I'm being silly, please let's finish our tea and talk about something else." Of course, her aunt was not dissuaded. "You know he's moping about the place much like you are," Aunt Betty said, shaking her head.

some people are restless like that." Hank swallowed the last of his coffee and handed Miles the cup. "Yeah, strange." Betty Dawson's door burst open as soon as Hank rode up. His wagon laden with provisions he'd purchased from the mercantile and extra bundles that had appeared while he'd gone to see Miles. He brought the horses to a stop and climbed down to meet the spry woman who hurried down the steps toward him. "Well, I'll be. Look at how you've grown. I expected you to be tall, but

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