Betty Zane

Betty Zane

Zane Grey

Language: English

Pages: 200

ISBN: 1604502681

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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"You misunderstand me," quickly replied Alfred, who had flushed. "I do not care about myself. I'll go and take my medicine. But I do mind about my horse." "That's right. Always think of your horses. I'll have Sam take the best of care of Roger." "What is the nature of this excursion, and how long shall we be gone?" "Jonathan will guide the party. He says it will take six weeks if you have pleasant weather. You are to go by way of Short Creek, where you will help put up a blockhouse. Then you

island. I saw the Injun crawl up on the drift. I went down stream and by keepin' the island between me and him I got out to where he was. I pulled my tomahawk and went around the head of the island and found the redskin leanin' against a big log. He was a young brave and a fine lookin strong feller. He was tryin' to stop the blood from my bullet-hole in his side. When he saw me he tried to get up, but he was too weak. He smiled, pointed to the wound and said: 'Deathwind not heap times bad shot.'

makes his plans and an inexorable destiny works out what it has in store for him. The men of the expedition returned to Fort Henry in due time, but Alfred had been unable to accompany them. He had sustained a painful injury and had been compelled to go to Fort Pitt for medical assistance. While there he had received word that his mother was lying very ill at his old home in Southern Virginia and if he wished to see her alive he must not delay in reaching her bedside. He left Fort Pitt at once

braves were cleaning rifles, sharpening tomahawks, and mixing war paints. All these things Isaac knew to be preparations for long marches and for battle. That night he heard speech after speech in the lodge next to the one in which he lay, but they were in an unknown tongue. Later he heard the yelling of the Indians and the dull thud of their feet as they stamped on the ground. He heard the ring of the tomahawks as they were struck into hard wood. The Indians were dancing the war-dance round the

shots. Each placed a bullet in the half-inch circle round the nail. "Alfred, very good, indeed," said Col. Zane. "You have made a decided improvement since the last shooting-match." Six other settlers took their turns. All were unsuccessful in getting a shot inside the little circle. Thus a tie between Alfred and Jonathan had to be decided. "Shoot close, Alfred," yelled Isaac. "I hope you beat him. He always won from me and then crowed over it." Alfred's second shot went wide of the mark, and

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