Behind His Blue Eyes (The Heroes of Heartbreak Creek)

Behind His Blue Eyes (The Heroes of Heartbreak Creek)

Kaki Warner

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0425263266

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Award-winning author Kaki Warner gives fans a reason to celebrate with the first in a brand-new Western trilogy set in Heartbreak, Colorado, starring an advance man for the railroad--and the woman whose trust (and heart) he longs to win.  For fans of Linda Lael Miller and Jodi Thomas...

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of the tribe was moved to Oklahoma, he stayed behind.” “He was allowed to do that?” “His grandfather was white. When it suits him, Thomas uses that connection. When it doesn’t, he’s all warrior. I’ll never completely understand the man, but I trust him with my life. Right now, he’s acting as deputy, so he’s white. More or less. But when Brodie comes back, who knows what he’ll do.” “The sheriff is gone?” “They work in shifts,” Mrs. Rylander explained. “And Declan considers himself

was directing men positioning cross ties for the rails. “Wait here.” Lucinda headed toward him. “Sir?” “This is embarrassing,” Edwina muttered. “I hate the way they’re all staring at us. Especially that one.” Audra followed the direction of her gaze and saw a tall man with hard, dark eyes studying them. Not Chinese. Probably Irish. With a coiled, silver-handled whip tied to his gun belt. Why would he need a whip? “If Declan ever finds out—” “Over here,” Lucinda called, waving

all, she was the one who was hurt. Yet his heartfelt and surprisingly strong reaction was flattering. It had been a long time since anyone had made such a fuss over her. “I’m fine, Ethan. You stopped him before he did any real damage.” This time when he straightened, the shaking was gone. But he still looked pale. “You’re not fine! You’re bleeding.” “So are you.” She eyed the cut on his lip that had already crusted over, and the bruise darkening below his eye. He had suffered that for

true. And those graves atop the bluff were there because of him. So here he was, doing boring, uninspired work that carried little risk or reward. But at least he wasn’t responsible for anyone, and that suited him just fine. After arranging for his traveling trunk to be delivered to the Heartbreak Creek Hotel, he left the depot, Renny stepping out at a fast pace, obviously as happy as his rider to be off the train and on solid ground again. It was a beautiful afternoon with the clarity

gathering by the church steps.” Lucinda looked up at him in confusion. “He’s a fiddler,” Audra explained. “Is he? I didn’t know.” Lucinda winked at Edwina. “Be sure to play something we can dance to. A waltz, perhaps. Wouldn’t that be nice, Declan?” “Sure,” he said without enthusiasm. Ethan dusted grass from his trousers, then gave the other men meaningful looks. “You’ll keep an eye on Audra for me.” Brodie nodded. “It would be my pleasure,” Mr. Rylander said with a

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