Beating 1.d4 Sidelines (Grandmaster Repertoire, Volume 11)

Beating 1.d4 Sidelines (Grandmaster Repertoire, Volume 11)

Boris Avrukh

Language: English

Pages: 508

ISBN: 2:00320300

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Most players are comfortable using their favourite defence against 1.d4 followed by c2-c4, but it is not always easy to find an antidote to the many sidelines at White’s disposal. From the bodacious Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, to the villainous Veresov, to fiendish fianchetto systems to the treacherous Trompowsky, Black must be ready to meet a whole array of slippery systems, each bringing its own unique dangers and challenges.

Grandmaster Repertoire 11 – Beating 1.d4 Sidelines provides a sound and active repertoire against virtually every non-standard opening line at White’s disposal after both 1.d4 d5 and 1.d4 Nf6. Where applicable, Avrukh covers each white system after both 2...e6 and 2...g6, making this book suitable for fans of the Nimzo-Indian, King’s Indian and Grünfeld defences alike.

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now the benefit of Black's 9th move becomes apparent. l l . . .ig4 1 2.Wxh? Elg? 1 3.Wd3 ixd l 1 4.�xd l e6 With . . . c6-c5 coming next, Black will soon The Veresov 9 . . . id7 1 0 .e4 d4 l l .� b 5 0-0-0 Once again Black can afford to leave the d4pawn hanging. ��Ta� illf� � �-I. I. • .i. I. � 78 �-�0 ·-� 6 . . %.r� "•%• W@.� � % �ltJ-. .--- . mw � � � --- - ·· l � �� �� - - - 3- �� "�r0 �W@. �m-0 �� 2 -----", � � ���c0� � -ltj� � �- w . :% �xW@. 1 � � � �� � � s 4 3 have an iniciacive co

bishop when we are not forced to do so. After our 'Reversed Queen's Gambit' approach White's main options are Al) 4.c3 and A2) 4.e3. 4.dxc5 This has been played in a few hundred games, but it puts no real pressure on the black position and is hardly a serious option. 4 . . . e6 4 . . . 'Wa5 t is playable, but there is no reason to use the queen when the bishop can perform the job perfectly adequately. 5 . e3 5 . b4?! a5 6.c3 axb4 7.cxb4 CU c6 (7 . . . b6 is also excellent.) 8 .i.d2 lll e4 9.a3 b6

make up for it. 1 5 .bxc4 i.xa3 1 6.Ei:al 0-0 The position is close to equal, but White m ust be careful as the black bishops are pretty da ngerous. The following game illustrates the danger: 93 bxc6 l l . cxb4 · e6, regaining the pawn with a fine position. 10.lll xc6 bxc6 1 1 ..ie2 b4 12.0-0 Now in Dos Santos Neto - Barbosa, Sao Sebastiao 2008, Black could have emphasized his advantage with the following thematic continuation: 1 3JUcl cxd4 14.exd4 .id?:j: Black has a great position, with a

b c d e f g h 1 O . . d3!N Here is an illustrative line: l l .exd3 exd3 1 2 .lll c3 �g4 1 3 .\Wd2 0-0 Black has a rich game with better chances. . 8 . . . e4 8 . . . �c5N is a decent alternative, for instance 9.lll c3 \We6 1 0.�g2 h6 and I prefer Black. 9.lll c 3 \Wf5 1 0.lll h4 \We6 Black has a more than adequate game and has good chances to seize the initiative, for instance: l l . CLi g2 9 ... 0-0 1 0.exd4 exd4 !t is important to mention that 1 1 . ftJ b 5 is met comfortably by l 1

gives White nothing better than 6.e4 cxd4 transposing to line B22 on page 1 92, which is the main line in this variation. Bl) 5.c4 a b c d e f g h This move introduces a strange version of a Queen's Gambit. 14 ... exdS 1 5.WfxdS Cll cS 17.�adl Wfb6 1 8.�fel g6! Black has no problems. 16.WffS 0-0 s ... e6 This is better than 5 . . . g6 6.CUc3 ig7 7.e4 when White has a promising game. B) 4.f3 Chasing the knight is one of two critical directions, the other being 4.e3 as featured later

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