Ballet Dreams: Barbie in the Pink Shoes

Ballet Dreams: Barbie in the Pink Shoes

Kristen L. Depken

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 0307981150

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Girls ages 4 to 6 will love learning to read with this Step 2 reader based on the Barbie's latest direct-to-DVD release. 

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the right to read. v3.1 Contents Title Page Copyright First Page Kristyn is a ballerina. She wants to be a ballet star. Tara is the ballet school’s star dancer. She gets to be the lead in all the shows. It is Kristyn’s turn to dance. She does not follow the dance steps. She dances her own way. She tears her shoes. Kristyn’s friend Hailey takes her to the costume shop. Kristyn gets new pink shoes. Kristyn puts the shoes on. They

shimmer. Kristyn’s hair changes color! Her dress turns blue. The shoes sparkle! They take Kristyn and Hailey to a magic ballet world! Kristyn and Hailey are in a ballet story. Kristyn is the lead! It is not just a show. The ballet is real! An evil Snow Queen arrives. She is mad. Kristyn and Hailey should not be in this ballet. They run and hide. Kristyn’s hair and dress change again! She and Hailey are in a new ballet story. Kristyn gets a

crown. She is now the Swan Queen. Kristyn dances with a prince. He falls in love. A bad wizard turns Kristyn and Hailey into swans! He wants the prince to marry his daughter. Kristyn and Hailey fly to the palace. They will stop the wizard. The bad wizard tricks the prince. The prince dances with the wizard’s daughter. She looks like the Swan Queen. Kristyn and Hailey stop the dance. They break the spell! Kristyn dances with the prince.

Kristyn did not dance like Tara. She danced like herself! The girls curtsy. They are both ballet stars now!

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