Back From Exile: Six Speeches Upon His Return (American Philological Association Classical Resources)

Back From Exile: Six Speeches Upon His Return (American Philological Association Classical Resources)

Language: English

Pages: 280

ISBN: 1555406270

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The six speeches contained in this volume, delivered upon Cicero's triumphant return from exile in 57-56 B.C., are here brought to life by a superb new English translation that is based on an improved Latin text. The notes accompanying the translation are written with the general reader in mind, while the two indices provide the equivalent of an onomasticon for these six speeches.

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that you never were a Tribune, that you are a patrician today.35 I am speaking before the Pontiffs. Augurs are present. I am dealing with basic public law.36 Reverend sirs, how stands the law on adoption? Well, the rule is that the adopting parent must no longer be capable of procreating children and must have tried to do so when he was capable. By custom, the College of Pontiffs makes an inquiry into the motive for adoption in each case, the particulars of family and status, and of rites. 37

had saved perish on his account: could the revived Commonwealth endure it? [123] Reverend sirs, if you admit this sort of religious sanction, you will soon be saying good-bye to the common rights of property. Allow that if a Pontiff lay hold of a 166. The doorpost ritual, Cicero argues, could not apply to a portico open on all sides. Yet Clodius evidendy intended to dedicate the portico. Should he claim that he was dedicating a particular object in the portico, such as a statue, that object

or inscription should be removed? What have we come to? In those days, the Pontiffs forbade a Censor of stainless character to dedicate an image of Concord in a consecrated precinct; later the Senate, by authority of the Pontiffs, ruled that an altar already consecrated on hallowed ground be removed and did not allow any written memorial of that dedication to remain. Whereas you—our country's stormcloud, a tornado whirling away peace and quiet—after violating all religion, you mingled with the

Caesar and Caesar's wife. 67. Pompey. 68. In Sophocles' play of that name. 69. Orestes and Alcmaeon. All these legendary figures were the subject of tragedies by Sophocles and others. 70. I.e., Cicero himself. 123 BACK FROM EXILE punishment ordained by the Immortal Gods for human crime. [40] But enough said about the various transgressions mentioned by the haruspices. Let us see what warning according to the same haruspices is now being conveyed by the Immortal Gods. They warn us, "Lest

large. Well, from this time forward, it will b e m o r e surprising to see a brave a n d h o n e s t citizen t h a n a selfserver or a coward. You d o n o t n e e d to search your m e m o r i e s for what has h a p p e n e d to this individual a n d that. Survey the scene. You can see at a glance how the m e n w h o raised t h e C o m m o n wealth from the dust a n d freed h e r from domestic banditry alongside t h e Senate a n d all h o n e s t m e n are standing trial, sad of count e n a n c e

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