At Close Range

At Close Range

Tara Taylor Quinn

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0778325520

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Criminal court judge Hannah Montgomery is presiding over a murder trial in Phoenix, Arizona. When the jury finds the defendant, Bobby Donahue, not guilty, Hannah is convinced they've reached the wrong verdict. Especially when strange things start happening around her…

For one thing, a judge she's always trusted is making decisions she doesn't understand. For another, her pediatrician is being questioned in the deaths of several young patients—including Hannah's adopted son. The police say it was murder. Dr. Brian Hampton says he's been framed.

Still reeling from grief at the loss of her child, Hannah no longer knows who to believe, who's lying and who's not. Despite her faith in Brian, she begins to wonder if he's betrayed her. Is he connected with Donahue? Is he responsible for her son's death?


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truth, the whole truth…” Jaime’s voice faded as Hannah watched the witness, getting too clear a glimpse of the man’s eyes. Ghost. God. Infallible. Unstoppable. All words she’d heard applied to Bobby Donahue over the years. “I do.” Donahue regarded Jaime with apparent respect. He’s vindictive. That was the warning Hannah and her staff had been given by other court em- 10 Tara Taylor Quinn ployees, the press, even the honorable William Horne, Hannah’s social companion and fellow judge who’d

morning from a polite Sun News reporter who wanted to talk to him “at his earliest convenience.” As long as Brian’s convenience happened sometime that day—otherwise he was going to print his story with a “no comment” from Dr. Hampton. His story. That was all. No hint about the content. Or even the topic. For Brian, a man who spent his days with people under the age of twelve and his nights largely alone, a meeting with the local rag was not a comfortable proposition. And what could they have on

law school. Her time with Jason. 70 Tara Taylor Quinn “Yeah, well, maybe. That was a long time ago.” Too long ago. Another existence. A very brief idyllic period during which she’d dared to believe she’d finally found a real home. “And yet, it’s always right there, isn’t it?” His dark eyes wouldn’t let her hide her pain. Because he hurt, too? “Yeah.” She tried hard not to remember, even while images of Jason’s smile lit her from the inside out. “He was a great guy, Hannah. One of the best.”

picture her old friend presented. A dad with a young son. A boy who had the most solemn eyes she’d ever seen. She couldn’t look away. And then, when she did, couldn’t bear to look back. “Come in,” she said, stepping aside so Brian could enter and let Cynthia in behind him. He put the boy down and without another word went toward the living room. “I’m sorry your house got broke.” The barely perceptible voice stabbed her heart and she couldn’t find a word to say in reply. Would Carlos have sounded

thirteen. He and his friend were experimenting with alcohol and a dare got out of hand.” “Or maybe that’s what the Ivory Nation wants you to think.” 156 Tara Taylor Quinn He could hear her turn signal and wondered how far she was from home. And had to fight the urge to turn the Jag in that direction. “What would be the point?” Hannah asked. “The only reason they’d have vandalized my house would be to scare me. They wouldn’t make up a lie that would make me feel safer.” “Unless they’re lulling

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