Arrest-Proof Yourself

Arrest-Proof Yourself

Dale C. Carson, Wes Denham

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1613748043

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What do you say if a cop pulls you over and asks to search your car? What if he gets up in your face and uses a racial slur? What if there’s a roach in the ashtray? And what if your hot-headed teenage son is at the wheel? If you read this book, you’ll know exactly what to do and say.

More people than ever are getting arrested—usually for petty offenses against laws that rarely used to be enforced. And because arrest information is so easily available via the Internet, just one little arrest can disqualify you from jobs, financing, and education.

This eye-opening book tells you everything you need to know about how cops operate, the little things that can get you in trouble, and how to stay free from the hungry jaws of the criminal justice system. It is now updated with new and important information on the right of the police to search your car; on guns, knives, and self-defense; and on changes in surveillance methods.

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partially decriminalized in 18 states. Each state is different. Some allow medical use only and some medical and recreational use. Some simply reduce penalties to traffic-ticket levels. These laws change constantly and can vary county by county within a state. So before you load your ride with herb, bongs, hubble-bubbles, and rolling papers, make sure you know the law in your state, county, and city. Bone up on this while you’re straight! And remember, even in places where pot has been

the crime of ignoring official paperwork. When they fail to appear in traffic court, for example, a traffic ticket can become, in some states, a bench warrant, which gets clueless types arrested. Showing up in court and complying with the terms of probation are, for the highly clueless, nearly impossible. SOLUTION: Paperwork is crucial. Start reading your mail. Get someone to read it to you if you do not read well. Get teachers, religious leaders, family, and friends to explain things you do not

the stench of fear. When your story checks out, the officer’s incentive is to drive on. Police know that teenagers often carry dope in their pockets, but they generally want something more to make an arrest. Truth does not stimulate the hunting urge. Truth bores cops. That’s a good thing. Remember it. 16 | MAMA WAS RIGHT: STAY HOME AT NIGHT! Yes, your mother told you, “Don’t wander around at night!” Guess what? Mama’s right. Every mom and every cop knows there are more bad guys on the

making you difficult to arrest. If your friend on the force is a sergeant, lieutenant, or captain, so much the better. How do you cultivate friends on the force? If you are an adult, you can meet police officers through sheriff’s advisory councils or neighborhood watch programs or at your church. For students, the best way to meet police is by participating in the Police Athletic League and the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) programs. The police officer you list on your credentials does

They excite police attention when carried by non-truckers. Leather-covered lead tubes and bars, known as coshes or saps, and blackjacks, which are rods with a leather-covered lead ball on a chain, also elicit police suspicion, since they’re used as knockout weapons in robberies and fights. Sappings were a staple of police shows in my childhood. The hero got knocked on the head, then moments later jumped up and caught the villains. In real life these weapons cause horrible brain injuries, and

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