Aromatherapy vs MRSA: Antimicrobial essential oils to combat bacterial infection, including the superbug

Aromatherapy vs MRSA: Antimicrobial essential oils to combat bacterial infection, including the superbug

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 1848192371

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Addressing the challenge of serious infection, especially MRSA, in hospitals, in the community, and in animals, Maggie Tisserand focuses on the scientifically proven effects of antibacterial essential oils, and their usefulness in managing infection, including the 'superbug'. She profiles the key essential oils - tea tree, manuka and thyme - covering everything from habitat, chemistry and commercial uses to the latest scientific research that proves their effectiveness against bacterial infection, and how they should be used. She also includes information about other methods that have been shown to help with the management of acute infection, including allicin from garlic, silver, manuka honey and phage therapy.

Breaking new ground in the field of essential oils, this scientifically based but accessible book will be essential reading for aromatherapists, health professionals and everyone interested in effective ways in which to combat infection and stay healthy. With the increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the danger of bacteria staying alive on surfaces and clothing, it is in the interests of every therapist and practitioner to be aware of these threats and instigate preventative measures.

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A study conducted in the early 2000s has shown that pets can become colonised and their wounds can become infected with MRSA when the owners are themselves affected. Both pet and owner need to be treated. 43 44 AROMATHERAPY VS MRSA Cross-infection between pet owners and pets is now a fact of life. If a wound is not healing up and you have a pet, it is advisable to take your animal to the vet for swabs to be taken. Your vet will then send the swabs to a diagnostic laboratory and if results

factor is the chemistry of the essential oil under test, as the specific ratio of aroma-chemicals that occur naturally in the plant can make a difference to its antibacterial activity. This may explain why researchers working independently of each other can arrive at opposing conclusions, even though they are using the same essential oil and the same bacteria. Manuka honey is also documented in this section of the book, as there is 15 16 AROMATHERAPY VS MRSA evidence of a strong link between

been published on the antimicrobial activity of essential oils and readers wishing to know more can do an internet search by going to Google Scholar and typing ‘antimicrobial essential oils for MRSA’ into the search bar. The abstracts are always free; occasionally the entire paper is also free, but usually the publisher charges for the research article. Chapter 10 Other Ways to Combat MRSA Phage therapy Phage therapy, pronounced either like sage or barge, is not a new system of killing

the potential for toxicity in the human body. Nanoparticles of silver work by releasing silver ions and by penetrating bacterial cells, which is exactly what an effective antimicrobial agent should do. The research team was able to demonstrate that nanoparticles of silver also penetrate mammalian cells. Inside the cell a process of oxidisation takes place whereby silver nanoparticles release silver ions, increasing toxicity. The silver nanoparticles are being incorporated into creams, deodorants

herbal essence products created and led the market in Japan for more than ten years. She was also instrumental in setting up the company which sells Tisserand oils but has not been involved since the late 80s. Maggie has travelled extensively in pursuit of the best quality essential oils, working with growers on three continents. Based on practical experience of using essential oils to overcome serious chest infections picked up in India, Maggie began investigating the possibility that a

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