Arielle Immortal Resolve (The Immortal Rapture Series Book 8)

Arielle Immortal Resolve (The Immortal Rapture Series Book 8)

Lilian Roberts

Language: English

Pages: 300


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A heartbreaking disappearance…

Arielle Lloyd is worried frantically about her Immortal love, Sebastian Gaulle. Following their best friends’ wedding, Sebastian disappeared. She suspects the hateful Annabel, Sebastian’s immortal ex who has hounded him for centuries trying to make him hers again.

A cruel tyrant….

After numerous attempts to thwart Sebastian’s plans for happiness and to take him away from Arielle, Annabel has finally succeeded in capturing Sebastian. His friends and family — mortal and immortal alike — will stop at nothing to get him back, but Annabel’s plans for Sebastian might be his undoing.

A temporary reprieve…

Arielle and Sebastian find their way to each other and want nothing more than to pledge their undying love before family and friends, but danger still stalks them. Can they find a way to be together forever or will they be reunited only to experience their greatest loss yet?


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know about the link between the Arielle in Calais and the Arielle in this century,” he said as he inched closer. “Calais was a long time ago,” she said and noticed Gaston’s mouth stiffen. “That’s exactly why I’m here,” he said. His voice troubled, his eyes filled with wonder. “I don’t understand the correlation between you in Calais, and you right here, in the 21st century, knowing you're human,” he said, accentuating his question. “How can that be possible? You're here, and I just don’t

special gift. The time-travel to Calais was my birthday present. I wanted to meet Sebastian before he became an immortal. That’s how you and I met. Gaston, I was already in love and engaged to Sebastian for over a year. And even though you're amazing, my heart is already with Sebastian. Do you understand now?” She was trying to make sense out of a very weird situation. He looked at her at a loss for words. “That’s impossible,” he murmured, “that’s impossible.” Silence fell between them again,

and he reacted instantly. He practically ejected himself from the chair and dashed after her, catching her wrist and yanking her back. She swayed wildly back and forth and as her body turned toward Sebastian he lifted his free hand and slugged her between the eyes over and over again, dropping her to the floor, as she let out a blood-curdling scream. She was now a bloody mess and moaned in sheer agony. “I want you to be looking at me when I kill you,” he growled. The next few minutes were a

softly against her ear. Arielle recoiled. “We’re almost there,” he added, a bit louder. “Where is there?” she stammered. “Fortitude is a virtue, my princess,” he chuckled. “Stop calling me that,” she said fiercely, and glared back at him. Gaston gazed across at Oliver and smiled. “I can see this is going to be a challenge for you mate,” said Oliver with a throaty laugh, “but I’m sure you’re prepared to fully enjoy the ride,” he furthered, and they both laughed. Chapter 15 ARIELLE HAD NO

she was the center of his universe, the essence of his very existence. Their gaze locked once again and he was lost in the deep blue ocean of her eyes. His smile deepened and he pressed his lips on hers one more time. He wanted to get her home, to enjoy her return, to make love to her, as he’d never loved her before. He felt the small hand resting on his nape, pulling him gently down to meet her lips for another kiss. His lips moved against hers softly then harder, increasing the pressure and

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