Angel Baby: A Novel

Angel Baby: A Novel

Richard Lange

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0316219835

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

**Winner of the International Association of Crime Writers' Dashiell Hammett Award**

A woman goes on the run in this intense and cinematic thriller by an award-winning writer.

To escape the awful life she has descended into, Luz plans carefully. She takes only the clothes on her back, a Colt .45, and all the money in her husband's safe. The corpses in the hallway weren't part of her plan.

Luz needs to find the daughter she left behind years earlier, but she knows she may die trying. Her husband is El Principe, a key player in a high-powered drug cartel, a business he runs with the same violence he has used to keep Luz his perfect, obedient wife.

With the pace and relentless force of a Scorsese film, ANGEL BABY is the newest masterpiece from one of the most ambitious and talented crime novelists at work today.

This edition of Angel Baby includes a bonus short story, "Must Come Down."

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money, enough room, and the children are happy. She offers to bring them to visit, but Jerónimo won’t let them see him here. He won’t let Irma come for conjugals, either, because he isn’t even sure he’d be able to get it up in one of the dirty little rooms they stick you in. Junior will be five when he gets out, Ariel, seven. Three years for kids that age is half their lives. They’ll barely remember him. Before Irma, before the kids, he didn’t give a shit about anything, not even himself. He

Thacker continued. “That’s what you deserve for springing this on me.” “You want your money?” Jerónimo said. “Shut up and drive.” Thacker is still fuming when the train finally clacks off down the tracks. He mutters to himself and bounces his knee. Jerónimo considers shooting him in the head and taking the truck, but there’s still a chance a cop might come in handy today. “Where to, genius?” Thacker says. “Find a McDonald’s,” Jerónimo says. Isabel is finally running out of steam. She’s

face in the glass and extends a finger to touch the circles under the reflection’s eyes. She’ll be glad when she’s not pretty anymore. “Once you have Isabel, you need to go someplace nobody knows you,” Malone says. “Don’t tell your aunt, don’t tell your friends, don’t tell anybody. I’ve got a feeling these guys are going to keep looking for you for a while.” “Don’t worry,” Luz says. “We’re going somewhere I haven’t even thought of yet.” “You can have the truck, but I’d advise dumping it as

out like he wants to hug her. “Come here and give me some sugar,” he says. “That’s okay.” “Actually, it’s not. I’m not letting you into the room without patting you down first.” Luz holds her breath as the border patrolman runs his hands over her. He ignores the phone but tenses when he finds the money in her jacket pocket, a stack of bills she took from the backpack right before the taxi dropped her off, some cash to get her and Isabel wherever they’re going. Waving the money in her face,

springs to her feet as if Rolando were about to storm in and shoot her dead. “Calm down,” Luz says. “I’ve left him, and I’m going back to Isabel. But I need your help.” “I can’t help you,” Theresa says. “I don’t have anything.” “I need someone to take me across the border. Give me a name.” “No, get out now.” “You owe me, Mamá.” “I don’t owe you shit.” Luz thrusts out a hundred-dollar bill pulled from the backpack. Theresa looks at the money, looks at Luz, then drops her cigarette into a

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