Angel Among Us (A Dead Detective Mystery)

Angel Among Us (A Dead Detective Mystery)

Katy Munger

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0727882015

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the fourth compelling ‘Dead Detective’ mystery, Kevin Fahey uncovers disturbing secrets when a schoolteacher disappears. - Following his untimely death, former cop Kevin Fahey roams the streets of his small Delaware town seeking redemption in other people’s lives. He knows secrets the living do not know. When beautiful, pregnant pre-school teacher Arcelia Gallagher disappears, Fahey knows that she is hiding a violent past, and when the police investigation leads to Delmonte House, Fahey realizes that evil and fear have stalked the house before. Someone is lurking within its halls, their motives are unknown. Can Arcelia be found in time?

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so, the light from the votive candles seemed to dance across the jewel tones of the stained-glass windows, sending droplets of fiery red, golden yellow and sapphire blue spinning over the white marble floor. My whole being filled with a warm, comforting liquid, a feeling I had not experienced since I was a young child and my grandmother held me in her lap. I felt a glow somewhere deep inside me and my greatest fear – that I might never be able to leave this plane – disappeared under its power. It

once and went over to the bars, his voice cracking as he asked, ‘What is it? Have they found your wife? Was she alive?’ ‘No, man,’ Danny said. ‘They haven’t found her.’ He grasped the other man’s hand and held it tight. ‘I didn’t mean to get your hopes up. I just wanted to come by and tell you how sorry I was that your wife is missing. That your wife and baby are missing.’ Aldo Flores did not hesitate. ‘Me too, my brother, me too,’ he said. He reached through the bars with his free hand and

on his heels and watched the two women huddled together over the child, bathed in the glow from his lantern. He was thinking the same thing I was thinking: life remained a miracle. Arcelia kissed her baby’s face over and over and held the squalling child to her. All the strength she had shown for the past week – culminating in the astonishing power she had shown that day – had been worth it. It had led to this. She had done it. Her baby was safe. It was a uniquely human moment. I felt as if the

into her wrist from where she had been shackled to the wall. Every few steps, he would raise her hand and gently kiss her wounds, as if he might heal them with his tears. Arcelia balked when they tried to load her into the ambulance. ‘Not yet,’ she said to the people hovering around her. ‘I must talk to the woman who helped me.’ ‘I’m here,’ Alice said quickly. She had never been more than a few feet from her side. ‘What is it?’ ‘There was someone else down there with me,’ Alice explained to

population. I figured he would thrive there. His hard outer shell and his capacity for violence would serve him well. But the very day he first joined the other inmates in the outside exercise area, he was stabbed sixteen times by a member of a Mexican prison gang who shouted the name of a well-known drug cartel leader as he plunged his home-made knife into Lamont Carter again and again. Carter died before the guards ever reached him. No one could understand what had prompted the attack. Carter

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