And Then You Die

And Then You Die

Michael Dibdin

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0375719253

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Having survived an explosive assassination attempt, Italian police detective Aurelio Zen finds himself convalescing at a Tuscan seaside resort town, where he is under orders to lie low until he is to testify at a much-anticipated Mafia trial. The quiet—and the boredom are relieved by the pleasant distraction of the beautiful Gemma, but just when he feels he is getting somewhere with her, a the discovery of corpse in his usual lounge chair brings his holiday to an abrupt end. Convinced that the Mafia has finally located him, the police put Zen on the move again, in startling directions.

And Then You Die, Michael Dibdin’s latest installment in the Aurelio Zen series, is a wicked, twisting tale that pits Zen against invisible assassins and the possibility of forced retirement. As the plot unfolds, and Zen ponders his uncertain future, bodies are stacking up around him. And Then You Die is another exceptionally surprising, consistently funny triumph from a master of the genre.

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And Then You Die MICHAEL DIBDIN To Luca Merlin Contents Title Page Dedication Versilia Islanda Roma Lucca About the Author Copyright VERSILIA Aurelio Zen was dead to the world. Under the next umbrella, a few desirable metres closer to the sea, Massimo Rutelli was just dead. The two men were different in just about every other respect too. Zen was wearing a short-sleeved cotton shirt, lightweight wool trousers and leather sandals, and lay back in his deckchair in

operates at a different level. He’s probably someone quite high up in the carabinieri or the Defence Ministry. His only thought was to protect the reputation of his force. They dumped Lessi, knowing he wouldn’t talk, but they weren’t so sure about me.’ ‘So won’t they get curious when Lessi mysteriously vanishes?’ ‘I think it’ll be a relief, quite frankly. Anyway, Lessi’s murderous little plot was quite clearly a personal matter. He wanted to get even, both for what had happened to his career

‘No thanks, we can manage,’ Gemma replied crisply, slipping him a ten-thousand-lire note. ‘Did you refuel the boat?’ ‘All taken care of,’ the youth replied listlessly. Gemma drove through the car park to the landward end of one of the docks, then turned and parked so that the car was in shadow. They both got out. The youth was standing at the door of his hut, watching them. ‘You stay here and mind the luggage,’ Gemma told Zen. ‘I’ll take the groceries and open up the boat, then come back with

its chain and heaved, without the slightest effect. He looked up. The oncoming vessel was a lot closer now. It looked very much like a coastguard cutter. He moved over to the other anchor and twisted on the screwdriver with all his might. Finally the screw gave and reluctantly started to turn. Zen forced it round until it finally cleared the shackle, then pulled out the pin, releasing the anchor. Bending his knees, he gripped the anchor with both hands, lifted it with difficulty and began to

all hull-down on the horizon. They carried the corpse out of the saloon and laid it down on the aft decking, leaning up against the gunwale. It was stiff as a board by now, and much easier to handle. Zen climbed down the steps to the bathing deck suspended over the water aft, while Gemma levered up the other end of the body and tilted the whole thing over the edge while Zen took the weight and guided it down on to the plastic deck. He then returned for the anchor, while Gemma followed him down

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