Americanize Your Language and Emotionalize Your Speech!

Americanize Your Language and Emotionalize Your Speech!

Rimaletta Ray

Language: English

Pages: 212

ISBN: 1889057827

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Develop Responsive Skills in American English:

Learn basic responsive conversational strategies to speed up the process of interaction in English in these digital times. Build up your emotional and social skills in American English.

Develop Language Management Skills:

Learn how to manage the language in you, and how to encode language information to better retrieve it at the right time.

Develop Your Second Language Consciousness And Shape Your Second Language Personality:

Learn how to boost your brainpower through conscious learning and in so doing shape your Second Language Personality. Language Management Rules:

This book also demonstrates the author's commitment to provide English learners with essential language management rules on how the brain operates during language learning, and shows how a learner that focuses on developing his or her language habits and speech skills in synch with the emotional brain can develop a strong Second Language Consciousness.

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others. So, be inspired and inspiring! Build up Self-Esteem in English Consciously! Good Luck on the Self-Perfection Track! Don’t Let Your Emotions Vent! Be Immune to Anger and Rigidity! Learn How to Handle Emotional Oblivion. Remain Calm Even in the Heat of the Conversation. Language Management Rules 18. The second language has to be first learnt and then controlled. 19. Watch your language every thinking, talking, and walking moment! Be Spontaneous,

correctness develops into a new language consciousness that progresses through the levels indicated above. If you stop controlling your brain (your unconscious mind), the conscious mind will never be in charge of the second language consciousness that you are acquiring in those levels. You will repeatedly fall from a higher level to a lower one. Be Aware of the Level of Your English! Self-Assessment Chart Now, chart your progress by the metrics below. On the scale from 1 to 10,

About This Book Language Management Rules Introduction Code of Behavior in the USA Self-Suggestive Essay Tips on Writing a Self-Suggestive Essay When in America, Do as the Americans Do! Part One Americanize Your English Niceties Tips on Nice Things or “Niceties” Language Management Rules More Workable Tips for Self-Study The Art of Small Talk Mini-Dialogs Addressing Someone Greeting (Positive Reactions) Greeting (Negative Reactions) Informal Greeting Language Management Rules

God bless America and you! Writing Develops a Thinking Personality! Tips on Writing a Self-Suggestive Essay When in America, Do as the Americans Do! 1. First, read the self-suggestive text two times, or ask someone to read it to you. Keep your eyes closed while listening to the text. Practice your listening skills. It’s fun, and you will be able to better focus on the information that you hear because, in this case, no body language will be interfering with your listening. 2. What

English! Train Your Brain! Remember, “Your mental skills are just as trainable as your physical ones (“Dscover”, Jan. 2011) Every Act of Communication is a Responsibility! Language Management Rules 37. Say what you mean and mean what you say! Your personal integrity depends on it. 38. Write what you mean and mean what you write! The perception of your writing by someone depends on it. Organize Your Language and Beautify Your Speech! Language Management Rules 39. You

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