American Apocalypse: The Collapse Begins

American Apocalypse: The Collapse Begins


Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 1569759030

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller set in America at the beginning of a socioeconomic collapse. Although an innocent casualty of the chaos, one young man must discover his inner strength and defiant courage as he comes of age learning how to survive in the wasteland of failing services, unemployment,  and violence. With the economy in free fall, the government crippled by indecision, the streets taken over by new political party's, and the fragile institutions of civilization crumbling, a young man finds himself homeless and alone on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., facing certain death unless he can master survival skills he never imagined needing. Fending off violent citizens in an urban landscape that is gradually sliding into looting and mayhem, the protagonist emerges as an ultimate force of justice in a lawless land. This compelling, fast-paced novel pulls readers in and lets them experience firsthand what life in the United States will be like as its teetering society begins to fall.

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for a few. This was quickly followed by Chrysler departing the industrial universe and General Motors filing for bankruptcy after the government stopped propping them up by shoveling money into them. Actually, it never did stop; it just became less obvious. The Cash for Clunkers program was one of the ideas the government came up with. It was spun as “green” and “good for America.” Like a lot of the ideas the government came up with, it turned out to be a short-term fix. What most people did

endless loop?” “No, he’s a Muslim from Pakistan. They don’t usually watch Bollywood movies,” Max replied as he casually scanned the area for anything out of the ordinary. “Paki? Damn, I always thought he was Indian.” “That’s what he wants you to think.” That made perfect sense: Pakistan was about as popular now as Germany was circa 1946. It also made sense why he never went into the Zone. Not only was his ID lacking, there was a good chance he wouldn’t be coming back. The parking lot was

room. I expected armed retainers to be lined up along the wall, but I was disappointed. It was just us and a fat, elderly white woman. She stood in a doorway, the one that led to the kitchen, I assumed, and beamed at us. When the colonel nodded to her she disappeared. Max pulled Martina’s chair out and seated her. “Oh, what a gentleman,” she cooed as he did. Everyone smiled approvingly. I wondered if they would still smile if I projectile-vomited up dinner when we were done. I was beginning to

expressionless. “You want to come with us? Maybe get something to eat and a place to sleep?” I waited for what seemed like a small eternity before she decided to reply: “What’s for dinner? And you better not tell me it is MREs.” “Actually, I am not sure. Maybe soup. If it isn’t soup, then it won’t be much better than MREs.” “Ha! Spoken by someone who hasn’t been living on them. Anything is better than MREs. Well, get your ass up here and help me pull this weapon. It can be part of my dowry.”

conversation, Fuck them all lashed out, and I couldn’t live with that. I really did love her. I squeezed him out, a growing intense pressure that was trying to take me over from the inside, and I boxed him up and never opened that box again. Three months went by and the Gardener killing was old news. The level of violence had increased exponentially. It was like one day a switch had flipped and people began not to give a damn. People were just angry. Angry at what they had lost; angry that no

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