America From Apple Pie to Ziegfeld Follies, Volume 1: People

America From Apple Pie to Ziegfeld Follies, Volume 1: People

Kirk Schriefer

Language: English

Pages: 164

ISBN: 2:00276082

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

America From Apple Pie to Ziegfeld Follies is a four book series of reproducible low level ESL/EFL/Literacy reading and discussion texts. Each unit examines an element of the American experience that will genuinely interest and inform not only immigrants to the United States but also learners abroad who want to know more about the people, history, geography and culture of this great nation. Although the passages are limited to an elementary level of language difficulty, their style remains vivid and authentic. Readers will be inspired by the courage of Harriet Tubman, awed by the beauty of the Grand Canyon, fascinated by the work of the F.B.I., and shocked by the events surrounding Watergate. BOOK ONE: PEOPLE A: Muhammad Ali B: Clara Barton C: George Washington Carver D: Emily Dickinson E: Amelia Earhart F: Jose FelicianO: Geronimo H: Ernest Hemingway I: Ishmael J: Jesse James K: Helen Keller L: Bruce Lee M: Christa McAuliffe N: Ralph Nader O: Annie Oakley P: Rosa Parks Q: Anthony Quinn R: Betsy Ross S: Sacajawea T: Harriet Tubman U: Uncle Sam V: Sarah Vaughan W: Mae West X: Malcolm X Y: Cy Young Z: Babe Zaharias

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only paid attention after the movie Way of the Dragon, which was produced in Hong Kong, started to become known in the U.S. 4) T INFERENCES 1) d 2) c WORD POWER 1) b 2) a 3) a 4) c 5) c 6) a CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS: 1) sensation 5) jump 8) immortality 10) fighting 11) verdict 13) starred 14) popular 15) signing DOWN: 2) energy 3) television 4) business 6) product 7) philosophy 9) movie 12) teaching 13) surpass L6 M: Christa McAuliffe 1 2 3 In the early 1980s the space program of the

movie boom Anthony Quinn became a popular actor and movie star. He rose up from small parts in big movies to become a famous leading man. But like many “overnight success” stories, Anthony Quinn first spent many years as an unknown actor before he was “discovered.” Quinn was born into a life of poverty in Chihuahua, Mexico on April 21, 1915. His parents worked as seasonal fruit-pickers and eventually drifted north to Los Angeles, California. He attended high school but was a rebellious teenager.

describes the main idea of the article about Betsy Ross. Be prepared to support your answer. 1) The origin and design of the Stars and Stripes. b) Betsy Ross’ career as an upholsterer and flag-maker. c) Foundations of Betsy Ross’ claim to have made the first U.S. flag. d) Betsy Ross and her friend George Washington. R2 UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOU READ If you can, answer these questions from memory. If you cannot, look back at the article. 1) What was special about Betsy Ross’ father? 2) How did

gun. On one rescue mission she sensed that pursuers were close behind; so, she and the fugitives got on a southbound train to avoid suspicion. On another mission, Tubman was carrying some chickens when she spotted her old master coming towards her. Thinking quickly, Harriet let the chickens go and then started chasing them before he could recognize her. During her time in the free North, Harriet travelled and openly spoke about ending slavery and about her efforts on the Underground Railroad.

large audiences. V3 INFERENCES Based on the article, circle the letter of the best sentence completion. 1) The unusual thing about Sarah Vaughan’s singing was her ability to... a) perform solo, with a small group of players. b) sing both church music and jazz. c) produce a very rich tone. d) use her voice as a jazz instrument. 2) Sarah Vaughan’s special style of singing... a) was always considered a little unusual. b) explored new possibilities but was never accepted by others. c) eventually

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