All in One Place

All in One Place

Carolyne Aarsen

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 044669682X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Terra Froese has spent most of her
adult life bouncing from job to job,
man to man, and drink to drink. But
when her latest relationship and
job simultaneously fall apart, she
leaves Seattle for rural Montana to
visit her sister, Leslie VandeKeere,
to whom she hasn't spoken in over
a year. If anyone can help Terra
sort out her life, it'll be Leslie, who
has managed success despite family
odds and a recent move from
city to country. With plans to rescue
herself and her sister from the
threat of going nowhere, Terra's in
for a big surprise--Leslie likes her
new country life. When Terra rebels against her sister's
conformity, how much wildness can the VandeKeeres
stand in order to keep the family ALL IN ONE PLACE?

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didn't look older than seven or eight. What could they have possibly done to warrant the heavy artillery of a police car and two officers? The passenger door of the car opened, and my attention shifted to the man now approaching me. He wore the obligatory Stetson and tan uniform of state sheriffs. And of course a mass of hardware hanging around his waist, including a pistol. I swallowed again. There's no way Eric could know where you are, I reminded myself as I straightened. They can't

eyes piercing. “You don't do things without a reason. You came all the way here for something…” “Sisterly bonding,” I protested, uncomfortable with the intensity of her gaze. “…and I hope that one day you'll trust me enough to tell me.” She held my gaze a bit longer, as if to underline her dramatic statement. “The real reason is… I missed you… and, well, I felt bad… about Nicholas.” Her gaze never faltered as I fumbled along. “I did feel bad about Nicholas,” I protested, trying to find the

lawyer, dealing with a court case, throwing money in seventeen different directions. Think positive. Think positive. “Two hundred,” Cor said, misreading my hesitation. “Stop already.” “Buy it already.” “Okay. Okay. It's a deal. But at three hundred.” “No. Two hundred, and you pay me when you have enough money together.” Cor squeezed his hand tighter on my shoulder and then unexpectedly pulled me close to his barrel chest in a quick hug. He patted me on the back before drawing away, looking

my knees to my chest. Jack sat back and stretched out his long legs in front of him, crossing his booted feet at the ankles. He folded his arms, the picture of a man content with his world. “So, what do you want to talk about now?” “We could discuss the difficulty of finding a radio station that plays your favorite songs,” Jack said quietly. “That's where an iPod comes in.” “Only if you care to figure out how to use it.” “It's not as complicated as building a house.” I felt myself relax.

in, and a town as rugged as the people who populate it. You’ll know you’re in the hands of a master storyteller within the first few pages of ALL IN ONE PLACE.” —Angela Hunt, author of Uncharted

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