All About History: Book Of US Presidents

All About History: Book Of US Presidents

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Pages: 148


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From inspirational leaders like Abraham Lincoln to flawed and controversial figures such as Richard Nixon, the White House has played host to some of the most iconic individuals in history. The All About History Book of US Presidents profiles each and every one of them. With detailed features on every president, from Washington to Obama, this book offers a compelling insight into the people that shaped the United States as we know it today. We hope you enjoy it. Featuring: George Washington – An instrumental figure in world history, Washington was the United States’ first and arguably greatest president. Abraham Lincoln – Politically, the president of a country waging war on itself ought to have failed, yet Abraham Lincoln is revered for his leadership. John F Kennedy – An iconic leader whose time in office was fraught with Cold War tension, ‘JFK’ remains a fascinating figure years after his untimely death. Richard Nixon – One of the most controversial and enigmatic presidents ever, Nixon’s legacy will forever be tarnished by the scandal that led to his downfall.

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notably elevated his friend Gideon Pillow to brigadier general during the Mexican-American War, who proved an infamously inept commander. Polk was elected to the House of Representatives at the young age of 29. During his time in Congress, he gained notoriety for a speech in which he suggested that the president be elected directly by popular vote. As speaker of the House, he was frequently insulted by political opponents, but notably he never took part in a duel, as was expected in that era. His

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tannery business, he understood that Grant’s talents lay elsewhere. When Grant was aged 17, his father applied for his son to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point for free, in return for army service upon graduation; he was accepted. Although he was shy and reluctant, Grant was persuaded to attend. But the timid boy struggled at the school, he had limited education and was deemed entirely unremarkable, save for his skill with horses, which outmatched all his classmates. He

that Roosevelt had previously been making under the table were no longer necessary. The United States were now fully committed to the war effort and it would be four costly years until the hostilities would cease. 1945 O Elected governor of New York state Roosevelt sets out as a reform governor and establishes new social policies. Some of these prove unpopular as a bomb was found addressed to him but was defused before it went off. 4 November 1928 O Champions the ‘First O Re-elected for a

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