Alexandra Burke: A Star is Born

Alexandra Burke: A Star is Born

Chas Newkey-Burden

Language: English

Pages: 254

ISBN: 1844548104

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Highlighting the most exciting musical star to emerge in the United Kingdom in many years, this account chronicles the inspiring story of soul-singing sensation Alexandra Burke. Beginning with her impoverished childhood of sharing a bed with her sister in a cramped north London flat, this examination follows the performer through countless obstacles such as the wrath of jealous classmates and the heartache of her parents’ separation at age six. Depicting her triumph over these hardships, this biography also recounts Burke’s X Factor journey, documenting her loss in the 2005 series as well as her return three years later to be crowned the winner. Providing an inspiring testimony to the rewards of perseverance, this is a compelling portrait of a natural talent who refused to give up.

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Volkswagen? Should I keep it?” He’s over confident, he’s been over confident from day one! He is… he’s not what he seems, believe me! All that BS that he gives out every week. He’s even fooled Simon! He’s full of crap and he’s an average singer.’ As boos and jeers rained down on her from the audience, Cowell angrily told her to ‘shut up’ but Osbourne, flushed and fuming by this point, concluded, ‘The public should know he’s a fake!’ This was an unprecedented moment in reality popshow history.

seven in Louis’ category.’ As he says this, the footage of her at Walsh’s home is shown. Alexandra is singing, with the full attention of Walsh and his assistants. He then tells her she is going home and she bursts into tears in front of Kate Thornton. ‘Right now I just feel like everything in my life has just collapsed,’ she tells Thornton. The show then returns to 2008 and the new-look Alexandra, who tells viewers, ‘Being on The X Factor the last time, it was hard because when I didn’t make it

said, ‘Still now it takes me back that you didn’t put her in three years ago.’ As mass laughter and applause erupted, Alexandra could be heard to say, ‘Oh, God.’ Walsh, meanwhile, was quick to stand up for himself. ‘Simon, Simon,’ he pleaded. ‘Excuse me, may I explain? That year, I picked Shayne Ward and he won the final. So I did her a favour.’ Cowell was not about to give up without a fight. ‘He’s not a girl,’ he said back. Walsh and Cowell do banter very well, and the Irishman countered,

superstar sauntered on with a positively regal presence. She gave Alexandra a protective look, took her hand and launched into the second verse. They then sang successive lines, still holding hands. As Beyoncé handed over to Alexandra, she memorably beckoned her: ‘Sing it, GIRL!’ Golden glitter cascaded on to the stage as the pair brought the song to a simply astonishing climax. As the audience erupted, Alexandra was overcome by emotion. She collapsed on to her hero’s shoulder, sobbed and shook.

was to come for Alexandra that year in the form of a phone call to the family home. Even given the musical royalty that made up much of her mother’s address book, young Alexandra could never have guessed who was on the phone when she strolled up and lifted the receiver. Indeed, even once she found out who it was, she didn’t quite believe it. After all, it is not every day that Stevie Wonder phones up. ‘I was really cheeky,’ remembers Alexandra. ‘I was twelve and didn’t believe it was him! I said,

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