Age of Aztec

Age of Aztec

James Lovegrove

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 1907992812

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The next volume in the bestselling Pantheon series, over 75,000 copies sold to date in its first two years.

The date is 4 Jaguar 1 Monkey 1 House – November 25th 2012 by the old reckoning – and the Aztec Empire rules the world. In the jungle-infested city of London, one man defies them: the masked vigilante known as the Conquistador. He is recruited to spearhead an uprising, and discovers a terrible truth about the Aztec and thier gods, but a Detective, Mal Vaughan, has been put on his trail and the clock is ticking.

The clock is ticking. Apocalypse looms, unless the Conquistador can help assassinate the mysterious, immortal Aztec emperor, the Great Speaker. But his mission is complicated by Mal Vaughn, a police detective who is on his trail, determined to bring him to justice.

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do,” he said, after they had once again been stymied by the concentrated Serpent presence at a bunker entrance, “is lie low and wait. As Quetzalcoatl’s lot step up their attack, order will break down. Chaos will be our best ally. Maybe by nightfall we’ll be looking at a whole different set of circumstances. And then, of course, we’ll have the cover of darkness on our side as well.” “You just don’t give in, do you?” “You say that like it’s a bad thing. Would you rather I turned into a quivering

catch that last bit.” “I said...” And Reston opened fire. Someone on board must have been anticipating this very move, because just as Reston unleashed the bolt the gunship flipped up onto its starboard side. His shot grazed the hull, leaving only a scorch. Then, still canted almost perpendicular, the aerodisc lunged forwards, its front-facing l-gun nacelles belching plasma. But Mal and Reston were already racing away, flat out, in reverse. The gunship gave chase. More plasma bolts blistered

aren’t gods, are you?” Somehow, Stuart had known this all along. Ever since his first visit to the underground ziggurat. “You call yourselves that, and by comparison with us you are. But you aren’t. Not really. You’re scientists, that’s all. Scientists and warriors.” Quetzalcoatl’s silence confirmed it. “From somewhere like earth.” Another silence. “You live longer than us, you’ve discovered more than us, and you enjoy being hailed as gods by us. But you aren’t and never have been.” “It

be they’re over here and on his side because they’re... well, fans.” Kellaway rolled his eyes. “That’s just what we need – more of the buggers. Think we can root this lot out somehow? Check the immigration records, for instance?” “I can have Aaronson look to see if a bunch of Anahuac nationals have passed through customs lately, but we get people arriving from there all the time, and if our guys are on tourist visas, as is likely, they won’t have to have specified a place of residence in

put herself and your son forward for sacrifice?” “You’d have to ask her.” “You don’t know?” “Sofia was... not always a well-balanced individual. There were psychological issues. She was prone to mental disturbance, depression.” “So to opt for sacrifice one must be mentally disturbed, is that what you’re saying?” “No, chief inspector. I never said anything of the sort. Don’t put words in my mouth.” “Most regard giving your life to the gods as the sanest, most rational act imaginable.

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