Against All Enemies (JAG in Space #4)

Against All Enemies (JAG in Space #4)

John G. Hemry

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0441013821

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

After a long tour as legal officer aboard the starship USS Michaelson, Paul Sinclair is anticipating shore duty. Too bad it’s canceled when a group of religious fanatics hijacks a freighter and invades an asteroid. Fearing they could threaten the earth with asteroid debris, starships from several countries converge on the scene. But their mission turns deadly when the South Asian Alliance opens fire on the asteroid.

After the smoke clears, Paul suspects the Michaelson’s rules of engagement have been compromised—suspicions that are confirmed when NCIS asks him to work covertly as a spy. Someone onboard the Michaelson is selling secrets, and to uncover the traitor, Paul must walk the dangerous line between duty and honor…

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around on a ship is against regulations. I don’t want everyone thinking I’m breaking regulations.” “Fair enough.” Connally frowned in thought, resting her chin on one fist. “Can you think of any plausible way I can be alone in your stateroom, with the door closed, and in Commander Moraine’s stateroom with the door closed? Just for a few minutes.” Paul thought, too. Then he finally looked back at her. “Yes. But I’ll need one other person’s help. An absolutely trustworthy person. I won’t have to

Garcia and Moraine entered, claiming seats at the table. After Garcia had strapped in, he manipulated some controls and the main display screen on the bulkhead lit up. A rustle ran through the wardroom as those present looked to see whatever was shown on the screen. It only took Paul an instant to recognize the information, a readout of the capabilities of the foreign warships present around the asteroid. He’d studied the same material a thousand times in recent weeks. All of the other ships

David Sinclair. “Please continue, Defense Counsel.” “Thank you, Your Honor. Commander Moraine, you just recently took over command of the Operations Department on the USS Michaelson, isn’t that correct?” “Yes.” Moraine nodded rapidly. “When you took over command of that department, were you satisfied with the procedures in place? Were you satisfied that the department was functioning well?” “No.” Moraine glanced around half-defiantly. “No, I was not. Things had to be tightened up,

arrested. Dr. Vasquez, what was the result of the tampering to which this pass was subjected?” Vasquez smiled brightly as she recalled her examination of the pass. “It was very nice work, as I said. Didn’t I? As you know, a pass reports the presence of a specific individual and in particular reports when that individual has entered certain areas of the station. Well, this pass didn’t do that.” “It didn’t function?” “No, no, no! It functioned. It has to function. If station biometrics detect a

reality challenged they can’t tell the difference between gaming and real life anymore. That happens sometimes.” “Thank you, Dr. Laskey. No more questions.” “Does Defense Counsel wishes to redirect?” David Sinclair, sitting at the defense table and looking straight ahead, shook his head at the judge’s question. The members exchanged looks, but none of them had questions, either. Watching them, Paul couldn’t help feeling that they hadn’t been impressed by the witness. It wasn’t that Laskey

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