Aftermath (Invasion of the Dead, BOOK 1)

Aftermath (Invasion of the Dead, BOOK 1)

Owen Baillie

Language: English

Pages: 324


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Australia... a huge, sprawling land filled with danger ... but nothing as dangerous as this ...

Deep beneath defence headquarters in the Australian Capital Territory, the last ranking Army chief considers the collapse of his country, and the contingency plan to win it back.

One hundred and fifty miles away, five friends returning from a month-long camping trip slowly discover that the world has turned horribly wrong, that a virus has ravaged the entire east coast of Australia. The dead now walk the land, seeking flesh and blood. Armed with dwindling ammunition, they must overcome their differences, utilize their individual skills, and face horrors they never imagined... but not all zombies are the same...

What will they find if they can all reach their hometown? Will their families or friends have survived? What twists and turns will the group encounter, and what life threatening decisions will they face?

They personalities and agendas will conflict, as each fights for their place in this new world, a world unlike anything they could have imagined...

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Chimera (Parasitology, Book 3)

The Evolutionist


















around the body to where the shotgun lay. He squatted, reached out to pick it up, and then pulled it back as though it might bite. After a moment, he kicked it toward the Jeep. “Take a fucking minute, Callan! A person just died,” Kristy said. Callan froze with a guilty look. “He might have had the virus and been sick but he was still a person. Have you lost your fucking humanity that quickly?” “Take it easy. I was just retrieving the gun.” Her body trembled, and she wrapped her arms across

steeled himself not to cry. He wasn’t brave and manly like Callan or Greg, and he didn’t want to give her another reason to think he was soft. The glow of the flashlight leapt off the lawn and into his eyes. “Dylan?” Even in his devastation, her voice raised a single butterfly in his stomach. He sat up, and put a hand across his brow to shield his vision. Kristy moved the light from his face. “Yeah.” “I’m so sorry. Callan told me.” She flicked the light to the left, paused, and pulled it back

blaring, and a few fires. The internet died four days ago. No more ABC. The only communication we’ve had is with our immediate neighbours, the Henrys. Marg wants to leave, but I figure we’re safest here for now. Nobody really knows we’re here, and I haven’t seen any of the crazy people out this way. I drove part way down Silvan Road yesterday morning just to check out some of the houses. There were a couple of families who came out, and we spoke, but they didn’t know much more than us. They said

He unscrewed the fuel cap and they peered inside the tank. A bit of fuel puddled in one corner. “Empty. There might be some in the shed. My dad usually keeps a five-gallon can in reserve.” “We got some from the gas station.” “The shed’s closer.” A noise sounded from the dark yard beyond. Their eyes met. Callan twisted toward it, carefully levering the round into the chamber, then lifting the rifle into place. Dylan stepped out of the generator box and, taking the flashlight back from Callan,

I know he’s my brother, but he worships you and believe me, that’s a difficult trait to find in a man.” They shared a contented smile. “Is the zombie still there?” “Last time I looked.” Kristy walked to the end of the veranda where the garden wouldn’t obscure her view. Her stomach lurched. “It’s not there.” Sherry joined her. “It was there a moment ago.” Kristy said, “Let’s take a look.” “Should we wake up Greg?” “No. At least not until we really need him. I don’t think he got much sleep.

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